Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump re: Rural America


November 14, 2016


Dear President-Elect Trump,

I have another appeal I want to make on behalf of the Native Americans in our country who were forced off their land by the US government and have been suffering ever since (you know, the ones who were living here when we moved over from Europe… I make that clarification because all of us who were born here are Native Americans…), and I’m appealing on behalf of countless rural Americans whose plight is similar, although not as severe.

I am asking as humbly and sincerely as I can, for you to PLEASE look into the good people who live in rural America, primarily in the corridor of our nation… the hundreds of thousands of rural Americans who were forced off their farms and ranches by government and big business, who now own and have been mismanaging and ruining our land, our crops and our livestock with their pesticides (which used to be illegal years ago) and other chemicals and GMOs, literally poisoning our food sources over the past 100 years or so, resulting in many health conditions in this country that are continually worsening, despite the best efforts of our medical community, who try to put bandaids on symptoms, but can’t heal the underlying problems.

Things like heart disease, crippling arthritis, severe digestive problems (ulcers, acid reflux, etc.), diabetes, cancer, failing joints, etc.  Some (including me) believe that even the rise in crime and violence can be attributed, at least in part, to our very poor diet.

Weston A. Price did extensive research on the subject back in the 1920s… and the current Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is actively helping many of us in overcoming these problems by helping us discover and adhere to a healing diet of organic food that is actually very delicious and doesn’t deprive us of anything… in fact, because this food is so rich in the nutrients our bodies have been starving for, a person doesn’t eat as much of it..  In fact, I have lost weight and I’m much stronger and healthier since modifying the food I eat according to the principles found in resources provided by the Foundation.

The sad part about this is, that the vast majority of Americans don’t even know how badly their health is being compromised, and by and large, organic food is not easily accessible or affordable to many of us, yet… I’m hoping and believing this can and will change.  We need help in overcoming this huge obstacle, as well.

But getting back to the impoverished farmers and ranchers of America, not only have they lost their land, but their homes, their livelihoods, and their self respect, and their trust in our government, who has fed them the lie that it would watch out for their best interests.  These people are the ones we used to call the backbone of America… the salt of the earth… the silent majority… the honest, hard-working people of integrity who once made this country great, whose government has not only let them down, but destroyed their world as they once knew it… this is totally unacceptable and by and large, no one’s even talking about it.  Partly because they are, by and large, people who are so busy just trying to get by, people who never complain about anything, even if they’re dying.

I grew up in North Dakota, so I have seen first hand how the good people in the heartland of our country have suffered.  And I, like them, don’t like to complain about anything unless I have a solution, either… but I can’t keep quiet any longer.  Somebody HAS to be a voice for these honorable people who are suffering in silence.  And I believe that as tragic as this is, God allowed us to have our land taken from us by the same government who forced our Native American brothers and sisters off their land, so we could experience (on a much smaller scale) what they have experienced at the hands of a very corrupt government.  I say “NO MORE.”  This has to stop. And these people’s lives need to be restored as soon as possible.

We, as Americans, especially American Christians, have been providing help and hope to countless numbers of people who suffer in third world countries while continuing to ignore the needs of our own people who have been struggling for years and years and years.  When will we direct our focus and resources to help rebuild the lives of these countless others who have been suffering all these many years right under our noses?!  Shame on us for being so callous to the needs of our own people!

I really believe God loves the people of America, and He wants to bless us as a nation… but I also believe He’s waiting to release at least some of those blessings until we finally turn around and face the reality of countless lives in rural America and many Native Americans in our nation who continue to struggle while we do nothing to help them.  Did you know there are countless farmers in North Dakota who can’t afford to farm their land because the seed costs more than they could ever expect to make when it comes time to sell their crops?!  This is unconscionable!  Yet the big corporations continue to take the lion’s share of profit from the sale of the produce and livestock grown there… this is SO wrong!  Many farms there have been abandoned as a result and farm homes left unoccupied.

I also have many concerns about the way we mine coal and drill for oil… because I’ve seen how the process has destroyed land and the lives of so many people, especially people in my homeland of North Dakota during the recent “oil boom” which has hurt everyone but the few who sold the oil rights and/or work for the companies mining the oil.  This business has driven crime way up in an area of our country that virtually knew NO crime ever since the state’s inception, basically… there have been rapes and murders and other acts of violence which were virtually unheard of before the “oil boom”… policemen have left the state because it’s become so out of control they couldn’t stand it… many of their highways are also being destroyed because of high levels of traffic by big trucks and huge increases in traffic, and no way to fix them.

Also, the cost of housing has gone up so much people can’t afford to live there… and many have been forced from their homes… homes their families have owned for generations.

Add to that, the extensive flooding in the Grand Forks are and especially the Minot area, resulting in the evacuation of many, many homes that have remained uninhabitable because folks couldn’t afford to restore them… good people who are now homeless… even during the brittle cold winter months, people were living in tarps and/or broken down RVs without heat… the living conditions for countless North Dakotans have been reprehensible.  Help is available, right?  There has to be.  I have to believe this, because the alternative is unthinkable.  But where is it?

Talk about the “forgotten ones” – the total population of North Dakota is only about 600,000…. Not nearly enough to warrant the attention of anyone, including Christian ministers, who say they can’t afford to go there, because there aren’t enough people to make it worth their time.  Really?!  Why is this okay?

North Dakotan lives matter.  Who will listen?  Who will care enough to actually give them the help they need?  They’ll make good use of any resources you offer, I promise… it’s in their DNA.  These are good people who have been devastated by circumstances beyond their control, who are hanging on by a thread.  Can we help them, please?

I still have family living there, and I promised I would do what I could to generate interest and at least TRY to get them the help they deserve.

How?  I have no idea… but we HAVE to stop pushing through agendas or legislation that bring degradation and destruction to the good people of this nation… all of rural America, not just North Dakota.

And we have to give credit and honor where it’s due.  Good, honest, hardworking Americans should be honored and respected and rewarded… instead of being punished by a government that has all but destroyed them.  It’s like the devil has been using our government to systematically wipe us out… some of us more obviously than others.  Here, I’m talking about how our food has been so compromised and contaminated that by and large, it’s no longer good for us, and has been contributing to our rising health problems for years and years.

When will it end?

I implore you, for the sake of all that is good and honorable, to move on our behalf.  We, the people of the United States of America… the ones who bleed and die by a code of ethics and honest integrity that once made this country great… a people who have remained faithful to the notion that this nation, once great in the eyes of the world, can once again be great, but this time, let us be great in the eyes of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, also.

We have been systematically destroying not only our land, but our people.  Not just Native Americans, but rural America as we know it, and ALL the rest of us who call the United States of America our home… and anyone else who relies on us to supply them with food.

God help us.

It has to stop now or where will it end?  It’s like a cancer that unless we find a way to destroy it, it won’t stop until we have lost everything.

I also appeal to you to readdress the pipeline from Canada.  Are we sure this is the best way?  I know we want to tap into our nation’s resources so we don’t have to rely on terrorists for our oil, but I think if we take a minute to ask God for His solution, we may find a way that benefits everyone and has safeguards in place so no one has to suffer because of it.

I don’t think it’s too late to readdress this (at least I hope not), and I think it MUST be addressed because I believe it has the potential to cause additional, irreparable harm to the backbone of this country.  Again, I find it unfortunate that the planned area for this pipeline is straight through the heartland of America, the rural Americans who have already suffered so much… not to mention the good folks who are our Native American brothers and sisters, especially in North Dakota who have been protesting this project because it’s threatening their sacred burial groundIs this really necessary?  As I said, isn’t there a better way?

I believe in a God whose ways are better than ours, but whose ways we can learn if we turn to Him and simply ask.  And His ways don’t have strings attached, and don’t benefit some at the expense of others.

It seems to me that as smart as we all are, if we put our heads together, we could feasibly come up with more affordable energy sources that are actually efficient and don’t harm some people for the benefit of others.  So far, by and large, the attempts we’ve made at harnessing solar and wind haven’t been all that efficient, but I have a feeling that’s because prior administration in the oval office hasn’t wanted us to succeed in finding alternatives to purchasing oil from terrorists.

So I appeal to our new administration to PLEASE rethink this.  There has to be a better way.  I’ve learned recently that some have even figured out a way to convert our garbage into fuel for cars… why not homes?  This seems like a win-win for everyone and takes care of two problems at once.  A better way to dispose of our garbage and take care of our energy crisis, as well?  Hmmm

And if we still want to mine coal or drill for oil, can we please find a better way to do that, that won’t result in destroyed land (especially through the process of fracking), and countless lives devastated in the process?

We have to stop punishing our citizens for the sake of “progress.”  We have to start considering the repercussions and guard against them for the sake of our environment and our people.  Better safeguards, possibly?  I don’t know if it’s possible, but if we can’t provide a way to guarantee safe passage (without severely damaging our environment through oil spills, broken pipelines, gas lines, destroying countless acres of fertile land through fracking, etc.), then we have to find a different source of fuel.  I don’t see another solution, do you?

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for reading this quite lengthy narrative.  I pray you will pray over what I have shared here, and that God will give you great wisdom in addressing these concerns.

I thank you for your time, and I am committed to doing my part in praying for you and your family and everyone associated with you in this time of great transition, as well as spreading the word to everyone who has an ear to hear, that we are all in this together, and if we each do our part in upholding the standards that God is holding us to, we really can make America great again (smile).

God bless you, Sir.



Mary Burgess
PO Box 268
Ocean Shores, WA 98569



Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump


November 13, 2016


Dear President-Elect Trump,

I want you to know I fully support you in your role as President of our nation.  I am so glad the American people managed to vote you into this very important position (against all odds)… as you said, it “had to happen” because as things were, we were headed for certain destruction.  I and countless others who have been praying and interceding for this country for years and years, have finally seen the hand of God, in His great mercy, answering our prayers, putting a man that He has chosen in this office whom He will use to turn this nation around.  For this, I am very grateful.

We are continuing to pray and trust God for divine intervention, seeking His forgiveness for turning away from the God of our fathers who founded this nation, and for healing for everyone who has endured untold pain and suffering because of our failures in the past.

I’ve been standing on 2 Chron 7: 14 (“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive your sins and heal your land.)

I believe God has called you for such a time as this.  He has uniquely gifted and trained you to come into this office at such a troubled time in our history and turn things around.

But as you know, we’ll never do it without God.  In other words, we cannot heal ourselves (it’s why Jesus came to save us in the first place).  I believe the only reason you’ve been able to win this election (against all odds) is because you are God’s choice and He orchestrated everything in our favor in getting you into office.

You have His extreme favor, blessing, strong anointing and protection on and over your life because you heard the cry of His people and you couldn’t stand what our previous government was doing to us and felt you had to step in and do something about it.  Never forget this.

It is so important that we continue to commit our way to God every day, so He can make our path straight, and that we commit our heart continually to Him, as well… because He is continually “searching the whole world to strongly support those whose heart is COMPLETELY HIS.” (2 Chron 16:9)  I’m sure you know there are many “clamoring voices” right now trying to get you off track, distract you…

Some (like the Obama administration) would even purposely try to get you to back down on your commitments to the American people, by getting you to compromise your platform in ways that would pervert God’s ways and turn us back to the ungodly road to destruction that we’ve been traveling on until now.  There’s even a way that “seems right to a man that only leads to death” (Prov 14:12), which is why God literally puts in front of us “LIFE and DEATH” and says “choose life.”  It really IS that simple… but our government has so polluted the minds of America that many can’t see the truth even when it’s right in front of them.

The point is we absolutely HAVE to have God’s strong support, because we simply cannot overcome all the evil surrounding us by ourselves.  We have become so corrupt as a nation… so defiled.  It’s not just our government, it has invaded every area of our society.  Sexual perversion (of all kinds, but especially homosexuality, human trafficking, pedophilia, satanic ritualistic abuses of all kinds), not to mention drug trafficking, chaos on our streets, increased crime, 61 million babies murdered over the past 43 years… the depth of depravity in our nation is unspeakable!

Not to mention the many ways we as a nation have been forced to accept perverted sex as an “alternative lifestyle” and force it on our children in our schools, which is totally  unacceptable… this is nothing short of the enemy’s plan to “groom” our children to a new “normal” – something that is an abomination to the God we serve!  God does NOT tolerate sexual perversion, especially homosexual relationships, so neither can we, if we truly expect His blessing and healing… and believe me, without His intervention, we are toast.

God doesn’t tolerate sexual perversion anymore than He tolerates 61 million murdered babies.  My God, when will it end?!  Roe v. Wade MUST be reversed!  Talk about serial murderers!  This is the worst case of mass murder ever recorded in history, is it not?!?!

My plea to you, Mr. Trump, in your tenure as the President of our nation, is that you approach this new job in the fear of the Lord… which is “the beginning of wisdom” (Prov 9:10), and honor Him IN ALL THINGS.

I know from experience and from what I’ve studied in His Word, that we cannot afford to cross Him.  Not now, when so much is at stake.

If we truly want this nation great again, we have to turn it back to God.  It won’t  happen any other way, there’s no getting around it.  He won’t allow it.  It was never His design that we somehow find a way to succeed on our own without Him.  The very reason He created us was so we could have relationship with Him and bring glory and honor to His name.

We have been incurring His wrath and judgment for a long time over the fact that we have turned our backs on Him.  Make no mistake about it, God will not be mocked.

The good news is, His mercy triumphs over justice for all who call on His name… and even now, Jesus’ shed blood cries out for repentance.

Jesus knew before He created the world that we would all blow it and that we could never save ourselves, so He agreed to the plan of salvation where He would come down from heaven, and show us how to live a life consecrated to our Father in heaven.  And then after He died for our sin, He came back to live in the heart of everyone who believes in Him, to empower us to do it!  What a deal!  One we can no longer afford to ignore or dishonor.

We are appealing to God, not on the basis of our goodness (we have none outside of His grace); or any good thing we’ve done as a nation… we are appealing to the God who never breaks covenant, whose blood covers our sin and who is all about forgiveness and restoration for all who seek His face.

It is so amazing to me that even after we have screwed things up so thoroughly, that His hand of grace and forgiveness is still outstretched and He is still saying “come to Me and I will give you rest.  I will restore everything you’ve lost through your wayward ways.”  Because He is so loving, so ready to forgive us and cleanse us of ALL unrighteousness… to reinstate us and finish the good work He’s begun in our lives.

If we will only repent and turn back to Him and seek Him with all our heart, strength and mind.  If we will LOVE Him with everything in us and love our neighbor as ourselves.

I appeal to you, because I believe you are the one God chose for this important job.

I’m sure it will be the most challenging job you’ve ever undertaken and you will most likely ask yourself from time-to-time “what have I gotten myself into?”

I also know your motives for accepting this challenge are honorable; that you truly love this nation and want to do your part in making her great once again.

That is so honorable, and I stand with you in this, and will continue to cover you and your family in prayer and do my best to be a spokesperson for the Godly changes that need to happen so that we can become a nation under God, with Godly leadership in every level of government.

The one thing I ask of you in all this is that you continually commit your way always to God so He can make your path straight, and that you keep your mind stayed on Jesus so He can keep you in His perfect peace.

I know you want to make everyone happy and say yes to everyone.

But you must keep in mind you are always, first and foremost, accountable to God… that when it’s all said and done, His opinion is the only one that really matters because He’s the One we will one day stand before to give account for the way we lived our life.

Everyone who believes in Jesus is right now seated with Him in heavenly places, far above the wisdom of man and powers of darkness… until we allow sin or ungodly compromise to come between Him and us… this is how the tempter of our soul is always trying to mess with us, usurp our authority… by getting us to leave our position in Christ through sin, anger (or other emotions leading to our destruction), words without knowledge (foolish argument), ungodly comprises, or unholy alliances.

It’s up to us to carefully guard our hearts… tear down vain imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ (like same sex marriage and abortion, among others), and take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.

The Bible says when we try to save our lives, we lose them (i.e. when we make ungodly compromises for the sake of “saving face” or because of peer pressure, or the need to please man in an area that we know is not honoring to God)… but when we lose our lives for Christ’s sake (adhering to God’s values in spite of the pressure to do otherwise), we gain the whole world.  One of those seeming contradictions we read about in God’s Word (smile).

We have to stand against all the corruption in this country.  If we only drain part of the swamp, the remaining filth will continue to contaminate and infect us.

Yes, God LOVES us, but He absolutely HATES our sin, because not only is He loving, He’s also holy and just.  And the sin He hates most is sexual immorality, for many reasons I won’t go into now, only to say that when we sin sexually, we sin against ourselves, as well as others.  And homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord… certainly NOT something He tolerates, so neither should we.

The reason God hates sin is because it separates us from Him, and He so loves us and wants relationship with us… and sexual sin is the thing that most desecrates and eradicates the ability for us to have loving marriages the way God intended them to be…  an extension of His unconditional healing love, v. the defiling destructive counterfeit of the devil.

We’ve become numb to it over the years, but it’s still an abomination to our God, so it must be to us also, if we ever want to have hope in His willingness to step in and restore this nation.

So we stand.  In the righteousness and authority of Jesus.  FOR the furtherance of all things that are of God, and AGAINST ALL that opposes Him, including the sin that so easily entangles us.

And sometimes, in doing so, we have to choose between pleasing man and pleasing God.  Sometimes you have to fire people (smile).  Sometimes you have to say no to legislation that allows the killing of countless babies and same sex marriage, and eliminate Obamacare which has many provisions that are terrifying to think about, especially those of us nearing the age of 70 and beyond (provisions that give our   government the right to take our freedoms away and in some circumstances, decide whether we live or die).

The lives of older people matter also, and it shouldn’t be up to our government to decide when they lose their liberties and in some cases, their very lives.  I don’t need to know everything about this failed policy to know that it is NOT in the best interests of the American people.  Please, Please, Please repeal it in its entirety as you have romised us.  Then if you must replace it, do so with one that really IS FOR us, not against us.

Keeping your promises may be the most important way to show us that our faith in you was not misplaced and that you actually are a man of integrity who really has our best interests at heart… we have been hurt badly by so many politicians who failed us completely in this regard.

For His name’s sake, and for HIS people.

May God grant you great wisdom and continued access to His unfailing, miracle-working grace as you continue to seek Him, day-by-day, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour.

Our prayers are with you.  Just remember to honor God in ALL you do, and He will honor you.

Sincerely in Christ,


Mary Burgess
PO Box 268
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

What I See in Donald Trump


About 10 years ago, God came to me in a vision.  He was dressed in full military dress uniform and I knew He came as the Commander in Chief, or the President of the United States.  The vision was very detailed and I won’t go into the personal aspects of it, other than to relay what He told me, because it helps lay the foundation for what we’ve gone through over the past 10 years.

He said “there is gonna be a hostile takeover from the inside.”  I instantly knew that He was talking about a takeover of our federal government by our enemies who had infiltrated our country and were about to take over our oval office.  Which is a terrifying thought, but in my vision, I knew it was God telling me this and I was unafraid.  I was an adult woman in the vision, but it was 12:00 midnight and we were standing on the tarmac of a military encampment where I had been working, and there was no one else there… the encampment was huge, as was the tarmac where there were lines of military aircraft resembling B-52s (stealth bombers), all lined up on each side as far as the eye could see… I knew we were in good hands and I said “well, I know you guys got this so I’m just gonna take my dog (Shiloh), get in my car and go home.” Then it was over.

I had no idea how things were gonna work out, only that it wasn’t gonna be pretty.  At that time, I only had a small idea of the extent of evil and corruption that had been steadily increasing over the years through the Clintons and others, and I had no idea who Barack Obama was, or that he would prove to be the worst US President we have ever had, or that he himself is a Muslim activist, whose goal is to take down America.  Make no mistake about it, Obama is NOT our friend, and neither are the Clintons.

So because the Lord showed me in the vision as just turning it all over to Him, I knew He was telling me to lay down my public ministry for now, which I did, focusing most of my off time (I was still working a full time job) praying and interceding for our nation.  He was still giving me new songs of worship and deliverance that I would sing in intercession, and every once in awhile I would pray and worship in small gatherings, but nothing like what I had been doing.

The main thing I was led to keep trusting Him for was that everyone in this country would humble themselves and pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways (in response to 2 Chron 7:14), so He could then hear our prayers, forgive our sin AND HEAL OUR LAND.  It didn’t then, and it still doesn’t take a genius to figure out what a mess we’ve made of things.

And the Lord quickened to me the verses in Daniel to stand on… you know the ones where He talks about taking the rock formed without hands (the revealed word of God) and crushing the statue which represents the kingdom of man; and then this rock becomes a great mountain and fills the earth with His glory… His government… His kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. Jesus is the ROCK of our salvation.  This story is told in Daniel 2.

I knew that if were gonna survive the Obama administration, this is what needed to happen.  I know absolutely that that’s what’s been going on… we’ve been experiencing the shaking and it has brought fear and confusion… but I want to reassure you that God never relinquished His throne and He IS dismantling the evil governments in this world, tearing them down, and establishing/raising up His government to overtake all the evil with His goodness.  You can count on it.

There has been so much information released in the world, most of it wrong.  We do NOT have to fear our Father in heaven.  He ALWAYS has our best interests at heart… and the Bible clearly says He came NOT to destroy the world, but to save it… so why are we so busy running around worrying about the destruction of the world?  Do we trust Him or not?!

So I kept praying… and praying and praying and praying… and sharing the vision and what God has shown me… believing for Godly leadership in every level of government here in the US.

When I first learned of Donald J. Trump being our Republican candidate for oval office, I wasn’t all that impressed, because all I knew about him was what I had seen and heard from the media (like many others)… but when I finally asked God what He wanted me to know about the man, I learned a whole different story (it’s amazing how much we can learn when we turn to our Creator, huh?!)

We all know the mainstream media always skews the truth to suit their purposes and goals, and those purposes aren’t good, and they’re not for our benefit, so how can we ever expect them to report the real truth? As a result, many of us over the years have given up… on the media, our government, our nation, ourselves.  Many others have stuck our heads in the sand, because it’s all been too overwhelming and we can’t figure it out, so why try?

So what has God shown me about this man, Donald Trump, and what do I think he can do for our nation?

I see that he is already restoring hope, which is HUGE.  He is also already helping restore a sense of dignity, self-respect and honor in the people of this nation, which is also HUGE.  He’s very intuitive as to the needs of this nation and our people and he knows how to turn failing real estate around into profitable businesses.  That’s HUGE, and exactly what needs to happen to the United States of America.  He knows how to get our businesses back (something I’ve been praying for for a LONG time), he knows how to generate jobs, he’s going to reduce taxes, get rid of Obamacare which has been a nightmare for many of us… he listens to people… really listens…

I believe he upholds some very important values of our forefathers that have been steadily eroding over the years, and he is a voice for those who haven’t had a voice in government for a LONG time.

He knows what needs to happen to make America great again, and he has the means and ability to make it happen.  That is HUGE.  God has equipped him over the years to be successful at the job he’s stepping into, in the same way he has been successful in his other jobs.

Because he’s a contractor, Mr. Trump has a great sense of assessing a project (or in our case, the USA), figuring out what needs to be done and how to go about it and how much it will cost… he’s very good at counting the cost… something he’s had to do in his work as a builder all of his adult life… The link below is for a video that I believe does a good job of documenting Mr. Trump’s concerns over the welfare of our nation over the past 35 years:

I believe he is a man of his word, he has good intuition about people, he’s a successful businessman.

I believe he truly loves America and the people who live here and truly desires to help every one of us who have been hurt by past administrations.  That is HUGE.

I believe he’s also aware of how deep the rabbit hole goes… i.e. how depraved our government has become, and is determined to apprehend and eliminate any and every threat to our national security.  That is HUGE.

All of this is so important… but the most important is that Donald Trump is a believer, and I believe he’s the one God has chosen for such a time as this, to accomplish the feat of overcoming our enemies and restoring this country so we can finally be all that our Father in heaven created us to be… as individuals, but also as a nation under God, indivisible (meaning the enemy can no longer turn us one against the other), with liberty and justice for all (IN CHRIST, because without Him there can never be lasting liberty or true justice… but because we trust IN HIM, we will have both… because He is a good God and He loves us so much, and His plans for us are FOR GOOD, not evil.

If you voted Democrat and are now hugely disappointed, I urge you to turn to God, as I did, and ask Him what He wants you to see that you couldn’t see before.  I assure you, you will have a new hope again.  I know God put this man in office to do what he says…  I believe Mr. Trump is a man of his word (much like my father was and many of your fathers and mothers were and are), who has carefully counted the cost for the past 30 years, before ever agreeing to take on such a huge undertaking.

And the Lord has been preparing him to do just that–his whole life, and especially in the years he’s been working as a builder and real estate developer.  He’s already been used in the capacity of rebuilding America in taking on construction projects that rejuvenate old broken down buildings, turning them into successful businesses, and there is already a legacy that speaks of his work in this regard.

Donald Trump is God’s choice because God knew He needed someone with his skillset and training to take over the oval office.  Trump is uniquely gifted and trained and raised up by the God of our salvation for such a time as this.  Of course, he’s not perfect.  There was only One man who lived a sinless life and His name is Jesus… but that same man Jesus now lives in every person who believes in Him, including Trump.

Listen, the way things were going, God had to raise up someone who could get the job done and drain the swamp.  In case you didn’t know, our current administration is so corrupt and given over to evil, it’s scary, and if it hadn’t been interrupted by God bringing in a “changing of the guard”, it would have brought about the worst possible consequences, on a global scale, possibly another world war, a world government bent on destroying not only our way of life, but killing as many of us as they “need” to, so they could establish their New World Order, which is the worst possible scenario you could imagine, with satan himself in charge.

If you don’t believe me, look up the name of George Soros (the man many call “HRC’s puppet master”), who was himself responsible for turning over 500 of his Jewish neighbors over to Hitler to be brutally terrorized and killed.  Also look up the Clinton’s involvement in Epstein’s sex island involving sex with children and a “temple” where hideous satanic rituals were conducted involving unspeakable acts of torture and shedding of innocent blood.

Then there’s the Clintons’ involvement in Waco, where the lives of 80 women and children died needlessly at the hands of the Clinton administration, who wanted to prove a point about how “dangerous” it is to allow citizens to own guns… these 80 people were hiding in a “safe room” on the compound, when this room was purposely blown up by the Clinton administration, knowing these women and children were inside.

Not to mention the countless lives that were destroyed by the drugs funneled through the AFDA, an organization started in Arkansas by the Clintons to launder money and sell cocaine.

Also, the countless lives that have been destroyed in Haiti and other places as a direct result of the pay for play mishandling of millions of dollars funneled into the Clinton foundation… Haiti was depending on our help to recover from an earthquake affecting 3 million people, resulting in over 300,000 deaths… catastrophic!  The Clintons brought in millions for the purpose of providing the Haitians the help they needed, then simply pocketed it instead.  Wow.  There is also evidence to suggest that they took at least 33 Haitian children to be a part of their pedophile ring and no one has seen them again, suggesting they are either still being abused or they’ve been killed.  It appears as though they will stop at nothing to accomplish their of world domination, and no one else’s life is sacred, other than their own.

It has also been revealed that the Clintons are involved in witchcraft, voodoo, secret societies that are linked to satanic rituals!  And in case you didn’t know, satanic rituals involve ritualistic abuse of animals and humans, the younger the better, because their best “sacrifices” to the devil involve killing young children, often on an upside-down cross, in an attempt to discredit what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Make no mistake about it, though, our God will not be mocked… and I have heard firsthand testimony of at least one satanic ritual in Scottsdale years ago when Jesus Himself appeared in the midst of them and every single one of them fell on their face before a holy God… NO ONE can stand in His presence, no matter how depraved they are.

I also have reason to believe that the Clintons (and the Obamas, and others) have also been involved in other secret societies that involve demonic activity, including the Islamic underground activists (including Huma Abedin, HRC’s aide, and her mother and father who work for a Muslim Brotherhood publication funded by ISIS… it’s been documented that HRC was responsible for the US support of ISIS in supplying them weapons and LOTS of money brought into the Clinton Foundation, and how they set ISIS up in the middle east to support the ISIS takeover there and the loss of countless lives as a result.

Make no mistake about it, the Clintons are not our friends.  They really do see us as “deplorables” – completely expendable… they are so racist it’s scary… friends of the founder of Planned Parenthood (someone HRC looks up to) who is known to have purposely targeted poor black communities for their clinics (80% of them are in black neighborhoods) because they want to wipe out the black population.  This is documented, as well.  No wonder we are still killing our babies at such an alarming rate.  I say no more, people… we have to put a stop to this.

Many believe, as I do, that Barack Obama is gay, himself a Muslim activist… it’s all there for anyone with eyes to see and a heart for God.  In researching the circumstances of Barack and Michelle’s wedding, it appears it was arranged to look like a legal marriage between a man and woman, when evidence points to the strong possibility that Michelle is actually a man (transgender), and that Joan Rivers, who publicly stated this, soon after died under mysterious circumstances.  This would explain why they so openly support gay couples and why we now allow same sex marriage, which is such an abomination the Lord we say we serve.

How things got so bad here is a disgrace not only to the citizens of this country, but to the One who saved us and brought us here in the first place… it really is true that evil prevails when good people do nothing.  How long are we gonna sit by and watch our world go to hell?

There is also a LONG list of people who opposed the Clintons over the years and died under mysterious consequences, about 20 of which were Bill Clinton’s personal bodyguards.  Should they continue to get away with these murders, too?!

Not to mention over 41 million babies that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade… talk about serial killers… when we hear of other serial killers and rapists on the news we are horrified at the very thought that someone could possibly brutalize and murder several helpless victims (and rightfully so) and we CRY OUT for justice…

but we stand by and allow the killing of babies on a scale unprecedented in the history of the world!  Not to mention all the lives who have been destroyed through drag trafficking, human trafficking, the mafia and other gangs and warlords… no wonder we haven’t been able to eliminate these horrendous criminal networks… they are tied to the very office that governs our entire nation.

There is also talk of FEMA camps to imprison and kill US citizens like Hitler did during WW2… some have said they have information that certain Walmart stores have been closed and targeted for this use and talk of tunnels being dug under them that lead to the camps that have already been established, not to mention the threat of martial law and the federal government being allowed to usurp our rights as US citizens in ways we don’t even want to think about… not to mention the fact that they already have a surveillance system in place that has the ability to monitor our phone calls, our internet usage, etc.  When will this end?

The Lord is telling me that we HAVE to stand up and be the REAL church… did you know the word “church” is not a holy word, but simple means “ecclesia” which means to govern… that we are His high court over every other high court in the land and He expects us to exercise His authority here on earth as His ecclesia, as it is in heaven…

That means when we see something that’s not right, we raise our hand and say NO in Jesus’ name… what we bind here on earth is already bound in heaven, what we loose here on earth is already bound in heaven… but we have to walk this out and yes, get INVOLVED… vote, make our voice heard… God expects us to come together as His ecclesia and decide what to do with corrupt leaders, etc. and decide what we will allow and what we will NOT allow in Jesus’ name…

Tim Sheets has an excellent message on this subject that he shared at the Ohio Appeal to Heaven conference last month… I highly recommend every praying American get a copy of the CD set or DVD set… they’re currently on backorder, available for shipping on 11/14… so I ordered a set and I will share with anyone and everyone who wants to know more about how we can actually start influencing our government God’s way…

Dutch Sheets recently said something I hope I’ll never forget.  He asked God if we’re supposed to be involved in government and God said “I AM government” – yes, He IS… and the Bible says “of the increase of His government there is no end… more about that later, too.

God gave me a dream recently where I was parked at a street fair with one of my dogs, sitting in the car, waiting for some people to come and pick up my dog for a few hours, because I had agreed to allow them to do so, even though I had a bad feeling about it (often, we can sense there’s something “not right” about something but we have difficulty putting our finger on why, or exactly what it is, because it’s not obvious, but we can sense there’s something “off”, something under the surface, an underlying sensation of evil…

That’s what I felt in my dream.  And there were lots and lots of young children running around this fair, some barely old enough to walk, I remember one young girl in particular, dressed in a pretty yellow dress with lace on the sleeves and hem, walking around licking a popsicle… and there weren’t many adults there and little to no supervision… again, the sense that there was something else going on.

I’m telling you, people, pay attention to those feelings and do NOT do what we’ve been doing historically in the US, and continue to ignore those red flags… those warnings are God’s way of getting our attention (the still small voice) – so instead of ignoring your intuition, follow it, ask God questions about what it is and what He wants you to do about it.

Anyway as I was sitting there, in my dream, remembering how I had already given my other dog over to these nefarious people, not knowing exactly what they were doing, but having a feeling that it was very bad, I was talking to my other dog that I was about to give over to these same people, saying “I know this is bad, but it’s only gonna be for a few hours and then it will be over and I promise I won’t ever let it happen again;” and as I was speaking (in my dream), I heard myself speak and realized just how hideous this was, but that I did NOT have to go through with it, and said (to my dog) “we’re not doing this, I’m going home” – started my car and drove off… then woke up… but just before I awoke, what I thought was my dog “morphed” into my young child, too young to realize what was going on and not able to defend herself…

Wow.  I am so grateful that in real life I have NEVER done anything so heinous (I’ve done enough other bad things to last a lifetime, I don’t need to add to the list)…

but the dream made me realize how much untold suffering we cause ourselves and countless others simply because we don’t have the ability to simply say “NO.”  There’s so much more I could say about this, but for now, can you see the importance of what I’m saying here?  Evil really DOES prevail when good people do NOTHING.

Even some of the very worst, most abusive relationships can be avoided if we simply say no in the beginning… you know when someone catches our eye, but we don’t feel “right” about them?  Many of us, especially women, choose instead to ignore our internal warning, for no other reason than pure obligation, convincing ourselves that we “can handle this” – I have entered into several really hurtful relationships with men in my life this way… thank God He has allowed me to get out of them, but at what cost?  And wouldn’t it have been much simpler to have avoided it in the first place?

What is it about us women that causes us to so foolishly taken on the worst offenders, simply because we feel they “need” us, or we think we can “rescue” them… I pray right now that God takes these blinders OFF of us and we stand up and conduct ourselves in a way that will bring healing and restoration and redemption for ourselves and the people of this country, instead of continuing down this road of self-destruction… because it isn’t just us who suffer… the ripple effect is quite alarming, but it is our children who suffer the most… you know, the ones who are innocent bystanders, the ones God has given to us to nurture and protect and love? It sickens me to think about it.

Yes, we must continue to expose and eliminate evil and corruption and deception in our nation… but I urge you to please make sure you “pray your way through” this stuff.  It’s so evil and so corrupt it’ll make your head spin and maybe sick to your stomach… I hope it does.  I hope we haven’t become so callous over the years that we no longer care that we were headed four absolute annihilation until God heard the cry of countless intercessors, crying out to the God of the universe to step in and save us… ‘cause we sure can’t save ourselves.  And we don’t always recognize it when help comes our way… there’s a story in the Bible when Jesus came to the disciples walking on the water and they at first thought he was a ghost (really).  (Read it in Matt 14:26)  Let’s not make that same mistake.

Let’s turn our eyes on Jesus right now and ask Him “What do You want to show us right now about this election?  What do You want to be for me now?”  I think you’ll be joyfully surprised.  I sure was (smile)

Join me in celebrating God’s goodness overcoming evil in the government of the USA.  He truly is delivering us from a tyrannical, corrupt, evil regime; let’s not blow it this time.  Let’s let God be God and stand behind our new President… cover him and his family every day in prayer and trust God to do what He does best, and that is to save us, heal us, restore us and everything that’s been lost, “drain the swamp” and turn EVERYTHING the devil meant to harm us around for our good.  He still really loves you, and He LOVES our country.

I believe God is allowing us as a nation to be “born again, again.”  Many of us were believers when we came over from Europe, but we brought a lot of demonic influences over with us through open doors like the Masonic Lodge and others, which have never been completely dealt with… many of us have had family members get caught up in these kinds of organizations and we know how damaging they can be, even in lives of folks who aren’t as heavily involved.

And God’s given us absolute authority over ALL the powers of darkness that have been operating in a handful of people who’ve had leadership roles in our society… including our educational system, the media (obviously), our government, our families and marriages, our finances and banking system, our businesses, arts and entertainment, our military, medical field, pharmaceuticals, farming and ranching industry, all of it.

But it’s up to us to pick up the mantle of authority He’s offering us… Jesus died a horrible death on the cross so we could then invite Him to come live in us and not only show us how to live, but empower us to do so.  What are we waiting for?  It’s not likely that the devil’s gonna give up, but the good news is that Jesus has given us everything we need to overwhelmingly conquer… it’s what He means when He told us to take dominion and that we now “rule and reign” with Christ in heavenly places.

Our position as believers is this:  we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above ALL the powers of darkness and wisdom of man.

Let’s start living like it and turn this thing around before it devours us.  Let’s be real peacemakers peace by facing our fears in order to overcome them and kill the giants behind them.  Our choice is simple:  make history or be over-run by evil.  You can’t have real peace any other way.

Every day God is putting in front of us “life” and “death” and encouraging us to choose life.  I believe we did so in electing Trump as our new president, let’s make it our life goal in establishing a new pattern of doing so and be the enforcers of the same standards of Godliness and Christlikeness in our government and other pinnacles of authority in our society as we demand in our own lives and homes.

Standing with you for a better America, I wish you all the peace that comes from above that passes all understanding as we continue on our journey of knowing Him and making Him known.


an appeal to heaven flag

I am writing to let you know of an important event I feel God is calling me to, a National conference in Tucson hosted by Dutch Sheets on August 18-21.  A conference that I believe is being orchestrated by the Lord in order to raise up believers all over this country and elsewhere, to answer the call of 2 Chron 7:14:

If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.

(For those of you who don’t know, I used to live in the Phoenix area for 17 years, where my daughter grew up, before moving to Washington state.)

We are making an Appeal to Heaven, similar to the way our forefathers appealed to heaven when we were about to lose our war for freedom from the tyranny of England, a prayer movement which literally birthed our nation.

Some people will say that God can’t save us because we’ve sinned too much… but this appeal is not being made based on our own merit or good deeds…

It’s being made by a broken and contrite people who understand the gravity of our sin, who are appealing to the Everlasting God who is outside of time, in agreement with all who have gone before us who are now in heaven; appealing to the God who never breaks covenant, and more importantly, to Jesus, who came to save us, whose blood cleanses us and gives us the right and authority to come and make this appeal in the first place…

Whose blood cleanses us of all our unrighteousness everytime we humble ourselves and seek His forgiveness and turn from our wickedness… (2 Chron 7:14) so He can then hear us, forgive our sin, and HEAL our land.

Anyone can see we need healing – the question is, what are we gonna do about it?!

I invite you to join me at this important event!  One that I believe has the ability to really turn things around and see this nation (and Canada) fully redeemed and restored.

When I go, I am standing for the US and Canada since I have dual citizenship (Mom was born in Saskatchewan, and her father lived in the Yukon Territory for 20 years as a miner/trapper/camp cook (smile).

So please join us at this historic event.  I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.  I have 2 extra tickets if you want them… I bought them online and can email them to you for free, if you like… I’m waiting for confirmation on 1 of them, and they are going first come, first serve.  There are other tickets available online through the conference link on Dutch Sheets’ website. 

Links for the conference, and a video where Dutch shared about the Appeal to Heaven flag and the many ways God brought this whole thing together, follow this email. 

The tickets are only $22.00 if you purchase them outright, a cost most everyone with an income can afford… the tricky part for some is transportation and lodging.  If you can join us, please do.

If you simply cannot join us in person, and you would like to contribute to our ministry financially (toward this trip, or any other aspect of the work we’re called to), we can use the help, and you can do so by clicking the link to Paypal below, or mailing a check to:

Mary Burgess Ministries International

PO Box 268

Ocean Shores, WA 98569.

We are a 501(c)(3), so any donations are tax deductible.  If you feel led to do so, I know God will bless your efforts in ways you can’t imagine, because I know this is fertile ground.

I also believe that because the Lord rewards all who diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6), everyone who pays the price on your knees in interceding for our great country to be fully restored as a light to the nations as God originally intended, will also be blessed beyond reason… because He is, after all, a loving Father who loves to bless His kids… whose arm is never too short and nothing escapes His notice.

As we carry on in our journey, trusting God to restore honor and justice and true liberty in Christ, I remain His humble servant and your fellow sojourner, comforted in knowing I’m not alone because I’m standing alongside every follower of Jesus, my brothers and sisters in Christ, not only here in the US and Canada, but other prayer warriors that God is raising up in other places around the world, who are faithful to pray on our behalf, standing in agreement with all who have gone before us who are now in heaven, that great cloud of witnesses who are believing in us, cheering us on.

It’s gonna take a mighty army from every tribe and nation, fighting on our knees.  God told me years ago that it would be the tribulations in the world that would bring the motivation strong enough to cause us to come together and fight on our knees.  

I wonder, have we had enough? Are we finally ready to do something about it?  

The good news is, God has kept a remnant in every nation and He Himself is raising us up to walk in the kingdom authority given us through Jesus’ shed blood.

Come and fight with us.  Come and count yourself among the faithful, among those who have gone before us…

We overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and we love not our lives even until death. (Rev 12:11)

Is there any cost too great?  Are we willing to do whatever it takes?  Have we counted the cost and then afterward, are we still willing to do whatever it takes?

I believe God’s reputation and our nation’s preservation (and ultimately the preservation of other nations in the world) are at stake.

I believe it’s the very least we can do, considering the God we serve and everything He’s done for us, and considering the lives of all those who have gone before us and gave their lives so we could live in freedom.

Let’s do this!!!  

Dutch Sheets video re: Appeal to Heaven follows:


Here is a link for the conference:   


And here is a link for my paypal account where you can donate to the ministry if you like: 


Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this, for your prayers, your friendship and support… it’s always great hearing from you, too, so don’t forget to write (smile).

Much love always, from the tundra in Ocean Shores,

Mary and Pat




At long last, Debbie and I are soon going out again, as the Lord’s ambassadors, carrying the strong anointing that He’s placed on our lives, that He releases through us whenever we gather in His name to pray and worship and seek His face, as we turn away from all the other distractions of this world, to do the only thing that really matters, to seek the only One big enough to really save us in the midst of this crooked and depraved and fallen world that we live in…

Each time we gather, He changes us from glory to glory to glory…  He meets with us, releasing His healing virtue in the broken places of our hearts, the infirmities in our bodies, the lonely places of our souls… we give Him the chance to be everything to us as we yield ourselves completely to Him, knowing we are safe in His arms of love and compassion.

Lord, we need you now more than ever… please come and be the light of our salvation, the beacon of hope that dispels all our darkness, the Great Physician who heals all our diseases… be our Deliverer, our Savior, the Lover of our souls… our Comforter, Our strong Advocate, our Best Friend…

The Lord of Lords, the One who is way more powerful than all the hordes of hell combined… the One who will never leave us or forsake us… the One who is still on the throne and no one can do a thing about it (smile)…

The One who will never stop loving us, believing in us, rejoicing over us, cheering us on to be all You created us to be, and to do all You created us to do.

Your arm is never too short, and nothing escapes your notice.

To this One I come this day, asking for your strong hand of protection, guidance and grace as Debbie and I step out in obedience to do your will.  Wherever you send us, Lord, we will gladly go, knowing that wherever that place is, You will show up in your many-splendored ways… in great power and even greater love and compassion… to pour Yourself into the hearts and lives of all who gather with us in Your holy, matchless name…

And we will be forever grateful,

Mary and Debbie

Ministry Update!


After several months, the studio is finally put together in the room of our home that we lovingly call “the bunker” (smile)! – what used to be a garage is now a studio with a full kitchen, sleeper sofa and “library” area…

And my good friend Ray is on his way over from Idaho to help me get back up to speed on the engineering part, so we can get further down the road on this project… I have learned that I can record a lot of instruments used on our recordings via my keyboard… the main missing piece, of course, being the lead guitar parts, which I am hoping to “farm out” to someone way more gifted than I am, to lay down those tracks, when I have these songs in a format that will support such a move.

We covet your prayers right now, for me to stay motivated and moving ahead on this project, while preparing to go back on the road in ministry. 

We are also looking for our next home, feeling the need to get out of our rental home, into our own place, for several reasons, one of which is financial, but also hoping to get into a single story home so we and our aging dogs won’t have to struggle with so many stairs (thought I’d never say that out loud…)

We are also hoping to trade in my Suburban for an Express Passenger Van… more room for equipment and people, but hoping to take care of the housing situation first.  Of course, we are eventually hoping to also be able to purchase an RV, because it would be more efficient and easier to eat healthier on the road…

Please also pray that Pat finishes his books – one that he is editing now, another that hasn’t been finished yet… that he finds a publisher and that God prospers him in this venture…

We are also believing God to prosper me in my endeavor to become a certified aromatherapist, and that He will bring in significant income this way, as well.

We also wanted to remind everyone that the music ministry is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit), dependant on the grace of God to bring in funding as needed… so if you or anyone you know would love to be a part of something that is truly changing lives by providing these much needed finances, please contact me at:

              maryburgess14@gmail.com, or call me at 360-289-0776.

Also, you may purchase copies of our first CD (Passion for Jesus) at the following link:  www.maryburgessworship.com.

Please spread the word… and please let us know if you or someone you know would love to have us come and host a worship and prayer gathering (or weekend), as we are currently working on scheduling our next ministry trips.

Thanks everyone.  Your support is appreciated way more than you know.

May God richly bless the work of your hands and may the coming days and weeks and months be truly glorious as you press into Him.  You are very much needed and what you do matters more than you realize… now more than ever!


Unusual Weather Patterns: God is Doing Something!

Niagra Falls for email

As most of us know, a good portion of our country (all along the east coast and way inland, all the way to the Midwest), is experiencing unusually cold weather and lots of snow…

While over here in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing a very early spring… right now the trees are budding and babies are being born in the wild and on farms (deer, elk, cattle, sheep, alpacas, etc., are having their babies very early)… this doesn’t usually happen until April/May and here we are experiencing it in February… a time of the year when I WISH spring would come, but doesn’t happen for two more months (smile) – in fact, the only place I’ve ever experienced warmth in February was when I lived in the Arizona desert… (a place I always miss during this time of year 🙂

I’m not “bragging” or saying this is happening because God favors the Pacific Northwest over the rest of the country (God forbid I would ever be that prideful in assuming such a thing – God loves ALL of us the same…)

Why I’m saying anything about this at all, is I believe it’s a sign and a wonder, and right now, in the midst of it, is when we need to turn our eyes on Jesus and seek Him like never before, so we can receive all that He wants to show us right now…

I believe it’s a season of great breakthrough for all who have an ear to hear what He is saying – right now… in the mighty name of Yeshua the Christ.