Hinds Feet in High Places

goats on a cliff

God gave me two dreams several days ago, in the early, early morning, as He does so often; one where He showed me leaving the mountaintop where I’ve been experiencing much intimacy and growing in Him, a place where He’s been tutoring me, freeing me up from layers of guilt and oppression, teaching me what my boundaries are and how to lovingly, but firmly, defend them, so I can then learn to defend the boundaries of my nation and my people…

The place where He’s given me my “hinds feet in high places,” showing me how to navigate up where He is (far above all the powers of darkness and wisdom of man), i.e. how to walk by the Spirit of God and follow His leading and not the wisdom of man or lies of the enemy, or get tangled up in the cares of the world or allow any emotion to steer me off course or get me embroiled in the minutia to the degree that I lose sight of where God has me or what He’s showing me right now;

So I can then…

Take a giant leap, to land in the valley where His people are suffering, so I may go and bring them comfort as He’s been comforting me (think “Hinds Feet in High Places” if you’ve read it… and read it if you haven’t already and think you may enjoy a book that’s an easy read, but also brings much affirmation for anyone who’s really struggled in life).

The valley being a place where I used to live before God rescued me, that will now require GREAT humility and great trust in Him to carefully guard my heart so I won’t digress to the place I was before, or give in to familiar spirits of discouragement or disillusionment, or any other temptation to give up the faith He’s developed in me over the years… something the enemy will be working very hard to trip me up in.

This giant leap would, in the natural, almost certainly bring extreme injury, but I was able to walk away from it uninjured, in spite of the fact that I landed on the foot that I recently injured in the natural (an injury that God is quickly healing much faster than would normally be expected)… praise His holy name!

I should add here that in the two weeks since I injured my foot, I’ve been faced with many, many opportunities to REALLY trust God, as I’ve been forced to confront several different people about many different things, when I would MUCH rather just run the other way.

I know it’s been God who’s been testing my willingness to step out of my comfort zone (the last thing I ever want to do is confront anybody about anything, no matter who they are), and trust Him to give me the words and the ability to resolve situations that at times about did me in.

And because I chose to face these things, God’s been letting me see and know that I really can do all things through Christ.  Even things that in the past, would normally cause me undue stress and not necessarily work out to my benefit, are being resolved in a way that is bringing healing and restoration, and I can see God perfecting His strength in my weaknesses.  A truly wonderful thing to see and experience.

I also know it’s His way of preparing me for the future, so I won’t cave, or run and hide at the first sign of trouble, because I’ve seen what He can do when I’m able to stand my ground in Him.

I really am in awe of His work in my life; I mean if He can do this for me, as many times as I’ve messed up my life, He can do this for anyone, and I am so looking forward to seeing how He expands this work as I’m able to share with others who need what He’s given me.

And I can honestly say that every obstacle has been or is being resolved in a way that things are working out for my benefit and the benefit of those in my household, because God really does turn everything around for the good of those who trust in Him, even in the midst of trial.

Even though I can’t say I aced every challenge, I at least got a passing grade and for me, that’s enough for now, because these intense battles are resolving, and I have closure and peace as we turn the corner and walk into the new season of our lives in Arizona.

So that was huge and greatly encouraging.

And the dream that followed was where God showed me some areas where the devil has gained a stronghold in the lives of many in church leadership, so I can humble myself in these areas as I stand in the gap interceding for those who still need to come to a place of brokenness, so He can heal them, as well.

Don’t know if you’ve ever been in a place where God has asked you to repent for someone else, but I’ve found that whenever God’s asked this of me, it’s about the most humbling experience I’ve ever had; especially if I manage to stay humble enough in the process for God to actually use me to bring the changes that need to take place in someone else’s life (no small task, if we’re honest with ourselves).

You might be thinking well what’s so hard about praying for God to change something you don’t like in another person?  And I would say the hard part is in being able to pray without judging them wrongly, without being angry or bitter or disappointed or resentful or any myriad of other wrongful emotions that you may feel justified in feeling toward them, especially if it’s about something that others have noticed, as well; which may even work to bolster any wrongful feelings you may be harboring toward the person you’re praying for, or even entice you to want to talk about them behind their back… all of which only serves to disqualify you for the assignment God gave, and gets in the way of God’s ability to do the work needed to bring about the changes He wants to bring in their lives in the first place, because He has to deal first with you (or me).

So before I go any further, let me just say that what you’re about to read isn’t directed at any one person or congregation or denomination; it’s only about certain weaknesses or iniquities, leanings that could cause any one of us to fail in any of the areas God awakened me to pray about; and I share this from a heart that is as humble as I know how to be, because I know I stand before a holy, righteous God who judges the heart of EVERY man (myself included) without partiality…

I share the dream only with the purpose of sharing the burden to pray; trusting God will lead everyone that He has raised up to pray and intercede in this hour, to hear what He’s really saying and respond from a heart of love in wanting to lift others higher than ourselves, bringing these needs before the throne of our loving Father in Heaven whose desire is that all should repent and come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

The first thing He showed me in this dream was peacock feathers (in 2 different places that symbolized a person’s home and a person’s spirituality), the peacock feathers symbolizing a spirit of pride that starts out as a desire to impress those we love and are close to, because we want to please them and have somehow forgotten that it is FAR more desirable to want to please Him… that indeed, the fear of the Lord (or the need to please Him first and foremost) is only the very beginning of WISDOM; something we are all in desperate need of.

We have left the fear of the Lord out of our lives and out of our pulpits, along with the need to walk in true humility; being mindful that we are NOTHING without Christ, and it’s only through Him that we can do all things, and never forget two things:

  1. Our redemption is only and always through Christ’s redeeming blood (something we need to be mindful of always, and make mention of often… in our homes, our pulpits, our daily lives; and
  2. We can never stop yielding our hearts to Him every day so He can perfect His strength in us and keep us holy as He is holy.

These last two He showed me in the colors red (redemption) and white (holiness), as they were being plucked out of our congregations, our gatherings, because of our need to be accepted by people we care about, resulting in us being clothed instead by a spirit of cowardice and ineffectiveness in ministry and hindering our walk with the Lord so significantly that we no longer represent His true character and He can’t use us because of our lack of faith.

The spirit of cowardice is symbolized by the color yellow, which in its redemptive state also represents courage… but also, in the world of flowers, represents integrity and friendship.

So to me, the message is clear; you can’t be a true friend unless you’re willing to be courageous enough to speak the truth in love, always representing the true character of Christ and demonstrating through our interactions with others, what real humility is, and our utter dependence on Christ for redemption, cleansing and a pure heart that is always sold out and utterly dependent on Him for everything, all the time.

We have a position in Christ where we are seated with Him in heavenly places, far above all the powers of darkness and all the wisdom of man, a position we can only maintain by keeping a heart that is always surrendered to Him.  Yes, we’ll fail from time to time, but it’s amazing how good we can get at guarding our hearts the more we practice (smile).

The other cool thing about this is, “The eyes of the Lord are constantly searching the whole earth, to STRONGLY SUPPORT THOSE WHOSE HEARTS ARE COMPLETELY HIS.”  2 Chron 16:9

It may seem daunting, but He wouldn’t ask it of us if it weren’t possible, by His grace.  It will require everything we’ve got, but the paybacks are immeasurable in Him.

That’s a tall order for anyone, myself included.  So I begin another journey, my next season or chapter of deep intercession as I learn to more completely yield myself to Him so He can finish the good work He began in me; and you and I can “… encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today,’ so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Heb 3:13


James 1:2-4:  Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  [And] Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be MATURE AND COMPLETE, NOT LACKING ANYTHING.



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