North Dakota

wheat field 5

I’m originally from North Dakota where I grew up in a small farming community, then moved to AZ where my daughter grew up (in the Tempe area), then up to WA where she and I have been living since 1995.  Interestingly, my husband Pat and I are preparing to move back down to AZ because we are sensing the leading of the Lord to do so.  My daughter is an attorney in Bellevue WA, the single mother of an autistic son who we dearly love as we are standing for his complete healing in Jesus.

I feel led to write today to remind everybody of a prophecy released over North Dakota by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce several years ago, stating among other things, that God was going to use North Dakota as a threshing tool, and that He was going to release unprecedented healing into the United States through the state of North Dakota; something I’ve been interceding for since I became aware of the prophecy.  I identify with both the threshing and the healing.

I felt it imperative to say that if you really want to discern something that’s truly fundamental to the release of God’s healing in the US in an unprecedented way, please listen to the cry of the good people of North Dakota… the farmers and ranchers who’ve lost their land to our government and big corporations who have taken over so many of them, dumping pesticides and other harmful chemicals into our land, crops, livestock and water, resulting in the degradation of our health and the health of countless others who rely on our impoverished food and water supply.  This is a great travesty and it affects millions and millions of people.

Listen also to the people of the Weston A. Price Foundation and others who are championing the restoration of pure water and organic, healing food for our people.

When I was at Standing Rock in December of 2017, praying over the area and everything we were standing for, the Lord told me “this is the tipping point” – the thing that will begin the long journey of healing, that would accomplish the hostile takeover that He told me about back in 2005… the event at Standing Rock, North Dakota, spearheaded by the Lakota people who live there, that caused His people from all over the world to stand and pray… believing for the goodness of God to finally overcome the evil that’s been trying to destroy our world.  The thing that will tip the bowls of heaven and start the long healing process.

And this is what we’re seeing.

God has answered and is answering.

His plan in place, set in motion.

Setting things in order.

Righting every wrong… and there are a lot of wrongs, but we serve a BIG God, mighty to save.

The threshing tool is moving… separating the wheat from the chaff, and the wind of the Spirit of God is MOVING… blowing away the chaff as He gathers His beloved to Himself… His Sons and Daughters who He has raised up to rule and reign with Jesus in heavenly places, far above all the powers of darkness and wisdom of man…

The Lord has spoken… His will is being done… for His word NEVER returns to Him void, but ALWAYS accomplishes that for which it was sent out.  We’re starting to see it manifest more and more, being spoken of, even in the news, how the world’s literally being transformed right before our eyes.  Wow.

And He never quits.  And we will never quit, until the job is done.

And since the increase of His government never ends, maybe our “jobs” of intercession never end, either… maybe they’re eternal jobs, outside of time as God is outside of time.

Thank You, Jesus… PRAISE Your holy name for all you are doing right now in turning things around!!!!!

I say yes and amen.

I am empowered even in the sharing, and eternally grateful for all that the Lord is doing in our midst, only a small part of which we are able to see…

He is so good and He’s everywhere… His goodness overcoming evil as He exposes it for what it really is, establishing and advancing His Kingdom, the Rock that crushes the kingdom of darkness and establishes Himself as the Highway of Holiness where no evil thing can come, which leads us to becoming the Mountain of Holiness that has filled and is filling the entire planet with His glory, His goodness, His healing virtue being released in His people everywhere in unprecedented ways… His Kingdom advancing in unprecedented ways, always overcoming all the nefarious deeds and plans of the evil one because our God, our Father in Heaven, the One who created us and loves us beyond reason, is ALWAYS way greater than all the hordes of hell combined…

And because Jesus, the One who came in the flesh and overcame all the works of the enemy, now lives in the heart and life of EVERYONE who trusts in Him, we are equipped as overcomers, as well… how can we NOT be greatly encouraged as we realize just how much potential we have in Him?!  He is all powerful, all knowing, has all authority and power over all your enemies and He lives in you to empower you to walk in the fullness of Christ, in His purity of heart, in His wisdom, His character, His love and grace and mercy and heavenly justice… to go and overwhelmingly conquer your world through the same power and authority being released in and through you that raised Jesus from the dead.

Chew on that one for awhile… and be greatly encouraged.  God’s not given up on you yet, don’t you give up on Him, either.



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