DeNiro’s Rant

holy mountain

DeNiro’s recent rant just goes to show how far and deep some of us have fallen and shouldn’t come as a great surprise to anybody (unfortunately).

But I hope it ignited a fire in the heart of every Believer to stand and fight, to be the RESISTANCE of all resistances, until all the corruption in all forms of media is driven out by the righteous goodness of Almighty God, whose Rock formed without hands is even now crushing all the works of the darkness, and establishing His heavenly Kingdom, His holy mountain that has filled and is filling the entire planet with His healing virtue, His strong arm of redemption and full restoration for ALL who trust in Him.

I had a significant thing happen to me last week.  One day, all of a sudden, I had excruciating pain radiating up and down my right leg, as if I had somehow injured the sciatic nerve in my lower back, but I don’t remember doing ANYTHING to put strain on myself anytime recently.

So I went immediately to pray and intercede, knowing that often when I have pain in certain parts of my physical body, it’s an indication that I need to pray for the body of Christ and other people and things as the Lord leads.

I also soaked in the tub, and rubbed my homemade “organic vaporub” all over my leg.  Within a short time, most of the acute pain was gone.  There was still quite a lot of residual pain and achiness, but it lessened over the next 12-24 hours, then was completely GONE!  Praise Jesus!  He is so good.

So it’s another testimony of the goodness of God, the extreme effectiveness of the essential oils (made organically from plants and trees and flowers that the good Lord provided for us, another testimony of His goodness to us), and the favor of God on everyone who’s willing to stand in the gap through intercession.

This pain in my leg happened almost simultaneously with me seeing a video of DeNiro’s rant during the Tony awards and it was such an obvious demonstration of ignorance and extreme hateful, illegitimate prejudice.  It’s also so very extremely obvious where it came from… the devil often overplays his hand in ways like this, and it all seems so stupid and childish, it would be laughable if it didn’t also work in corrupting others who are weak minded and susceptible to deception.

So right now I decree and declare that from now on, every time DeNiro or anyone like him does or says anything in an attempt to try to put down President Trump or his family or affiliates, that God Himself releases the forces of heaven (that will NOT be denied), to raise him (President Trump) up, instead.  Because God is faithful to turn around EVERY weapon formed against us, turning it around for our good.  Our current President is now due to receive countless turnarounds in Jesus’ name, because there have been countless attempts by the enemy to malign, slander and destroy his term as President.

And I call forth the angel armies to advance every one of God’s agendas that He has planned through this President, to come forth in unprecedented ways, because of every time the enemy tried to malign him… it has to stop and it has to stop NOW.

I also call forth the goodness of God to prosper our President and our nation beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

Because that’s God will – to prosper every Believer in every way, even as our soul prospers.  (3 John 1:2)

And He is faithful to turn EVERYTHING the devil meant to harm us, around for our good… even ridiculous rants by certain people in Hollywood, who somehow deem themselves above reproach, when really nothing could be further from the truth.

Our Father God is determined and well able to turn ALL of it around for the good of everyone who trusts in Him… EVERYONE – without fail, without exception.

He is also faithful to complete the good work He started here.  His arm is never too short and nothing escapes His notice.

He is diligent.  He never sleeps or slumbers.

DeNiro’s rant is nothing more than the ramblings of a weak-minded person who is so given over to worldly ways and corrupted thinking that he can no longer tell the truth from a lie.  I pray God’s hand of conviction comes on him and everyone like him, to first of all silence them once and for all (unless/until they finally are able to understand what real truth really is), but also to restrain, contain, and fully apprehend the corruption that would otherwise be released from any and all people who would otherwise have unrestrained influence over others.

Our President is not always the easiest person to like, and I can’t say I appreciate the way he rammed DAPL down our throats despite the protest of countless Americans, nor am I happy with the way our current administration (so far) is failing to address our greatly impoverished food and water supply… something that I continue to stand interceding for… not to mention the urgent need to overturn Roe v. Wade and stop the horrible murder of our unborn, and the need to overturn laws that promote sexual degradation, the need to stop the trafficking of humans, drugs, weapons, including biological weapons and dirty vaccines, etc., etc., etc.

But people, I believe this President’s intentions really are to make America great again, and he has the ability (by God’s grace) to get us there if we would only choose to work WITH him instead of trying to destroy him.  He is, after all, only human… and I don’t know any human (other than Jesus Christ) who could withstand all the garbage that continues to bombard him.

President Trump has made significant inroads in many areas and may I remind you Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took us a long time to get in this mess, it’ll take awhile to get out of it.

I do believe this President does listen to reason and that he considers (to the best that he can) every side to every issue facing this nation before making decisions on them.

Our economy is way better than it’s been in years and he has proven himself over and over in his dealings with foreign leaders (most recently in North Korea), as being a true peace maker, and not just another leader who wants nothing more than to initiate another world war.

It’s a documented fact that there are many people who have been paid off to do their level best to destroy this President by getting everybody all riled up, initiate riots and pit people against each other.

Why?  What purpose could this possibly serve, other than try to manipulate and control the opinion of the general public, to make us hate Trump so much that we will, out of our own misplaced and unwarranted feelings of panic, vote for just about anyone else, so they can put their own misguided people in office instead, and drive this nation even further into the pit?

Or to generate so much fear and unrest in our current situation that we will harken to and follow just about anyone else who promises to come to our aid?

That’s what Hitler did.

And it’s what Obama did.

Neither of them had our best interests at heart.

Obama has a smiling face that hides a very devious, black soul.  If you think he hasn’t given himself over to darkness, look again.  Listen to what was REALLY said and done during his term as President.

What he did to our national debt (pushing us further in debt than at any other time in US history)…

The debacle of Obamacare and the way senior citizens were heavily targeted in our advancing years and how this somehow gives the federal government the right to decide which of us should be granted healthcare based on the government’s opinion of how valuable our lives are to society, and even, in some cases, when we should die…

How he was able to push through gay marriage and how he covered up his own birthplace… because he was never legally allowed to even run for the Presidency in the first place, as well as how he covered up his own prior drug use and sexual relationships with other men when he lived in Chicago…

His strong support (including major financial support) to the Jihad army, including putting certain handpicked Jihad leaders in strategic leadership positions within our government, supporting their goal of a takeover on US soil, how he ordered terrorist strikes in other countries in an attempt to initiate another world war, and his other involvement in deep state activity, which it appears he hasn’t stopped doing in an “unofficial” way since leaving office.

There is indeed a swamp, and it’s ugly, deep and far reaching.  And it will take a lot of work and strong intercession on the part of all God’s people to get it cleaned up once and for all.

Obama was/is a real threat to our life here in the US and elsewhere, yet because he has “such a nice smile” he was able to bamboozle many people who still can’t see him for the person he really is.

Same for the Clintons.  My goodness, it goes much deeper than erasing countless emails.  Why do you think Hillary tried so hard to erase them?

I pray the whole truth and nothing but the truth finally comes out re: ALL the corruption in our government and elsewhere around the world, corruption that’s been going on for decades, and that the people behind it would finally be exposed, while all their nefarious agendas are completely, immediately and forever contained, restrained and eliminated, in Jesus’ mighty name.

And that God’s plans to completely, immediately and eternally heal, redeem, and restore everyone and everything that trusts in Jesus be fully implemented now and forevermore.

The evil is a cancer… allowed to permeate and destroy us and our planet because God’s people have, by and large, done nothing to stop it.  We’ve given in to their fear and confusion tactics.  And the enemy is banking on the fact that because we don’t know what to do, we do nothing (keeping us in the dark and feeding us a bunch of lies and half truths)…

And many of us have become so intimated we’re afraid to do anything, or even talk about it.

But honestly, how’s that been working for you?  And how in the world can you honestly expect things to get better if you continue to do nothing about it?

A neglected house quickly falls to ruins.

Same is true for businesses, relationships, your health, our environment.

God didn’t call us to be weak minded, impoverished, victims of tyrants who hide behind a face of decency in order to propagate their evil and prosper off our ignorance.

It’s time to rise and shine, people!  WAKE UP.  We have to realize what’s at stake here and that God has given us everything we need to overwhelmingly conquer all our obstacles and be the governing body of Christ that He created us to be, only allowing here on earth what’s already allowed in Heaven.  Heaven is the standard that we must live by, no one else’s.

We are at a crossroads.  If we hear His voice calling us, to rise up and take back our land, there’s hope for tomorrow.  2 Chron 7:14.  “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, seek My face and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS… then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND.”

If we don’t, I don’t know what to say.  We either fall on the Rock and we’re saved, or it crushes us.

Let’s see… do you want to be saved or crushed?  Hmmm… a real no brainer for me.

What about you?


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