God Perfects Strength

God perfects strength

God really does perfect strength in our weakness.  And when we’re feeling weak, when we really need it the most, is also when it’s hardest to remember 😊  It’s easy to be encouraged in Him when things are going well, but then is not when we really need it.  So He uses the hard times in our lives to teach us how to really press into Him.  Reminds me of the adage that if you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it.  But then you’re stuck with nothing.  If you really want to accomplish something in life, you actually have to work at it (right?)

Anyway, that’s just some food for thought.  What I really want to do is offer some hope and real encouragement to people (like me) who have experienced a bit of burn out in life, because God’s given me some nuggets of truth that have really helped, and I hope they help you as well.

I’m not sure where, but somewhere lately, I heard or read, “give it all ‘til it hurts, and then do it again.”  And I was reminded of it today while praying, and realized that many of us (especially those of us in any kind of leadership in ministry), have given everything, one too many times, with no way to refuel, no way to replenish, and have burned out… and when someone asks us to get involved in ministry again, we can be heard to say something like: “I hear you, but I don’t know if I have it in me anymore.”  Right?

Well if that’s you, I’m asking you right now to dig deep – deeper than ever before, because there’s more at stake now than ever before… and the fields are more ready, more “white unto harvest,” than ever before…

But more importantly, all heaven is at the ready, to fully support you to be all God created you to be from this moment forward.

So dig deep, to find that childlike faith that’s been buried by all the cares of the world and disappointments of life.

You might think it insanity to do the same thing again, the same way, but expecting different results.

But I’m telling you things are not the same.  We’ve been prepped and empowered for the revolution that God’s about to bring… and all of heaven is standing at the ready to fully support everyone whose heart is completely His…

And all creation here on earth, besides continually speaking of the glory of God, is moaning and groaning in great anticipation of the revealing of mature sons and daughters of the only living God to finally take our stand, take our position as joint heirs, seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above all the powers of darkness and wisdom of man.  The reason He needs us seated with Him so high up there is so we can see clearly from afar what’s going on, but not get embroiled in it.  And since we’re seated right next to Jesus, we can clearly hear Him instructing us regarding what to do about what we see.

This seat of authority must be protected at all costs, no matter what it takes.  Don’t ever give it up.  The devil tries to talk us down from this place because he knows it’s where we have absolute power and authority over him.  He does this by whispering words of doubt in our ears, or orchestrating people and events in our lives in an effort to get us off track, to evoke strong feelings of confusion, discouragement, uncertainty, anger, frustration… anything to get you to give up your position over him, ‘cause he knows it’s the only way he can possibly get anything over on you, get you to stop being wonderful and stop destroying all his plans and assignments over your life and the life of others you care about.

But DO NOT GO THERE.  Don’t allow your thoughts to wander off course, or your emotions to run amok.  God’s given us the grace and ability to press into Him and tear down every vain imagination and take every thought captive to the knowledge that Christ is leading you into, imparting to you.

We can’t afford to ever stop guarding our hearts and our position in Christ… especially not now.  We may not like it, but we’re in a war, and the only way out of it, is to overcome it in Christ.  Well, there is another way, but it’s not really all that fun and involves becoming destroyed by the devil.  See, he’s not gonna quit, even if you do… so your only real option is to pick up your sword and fight.  The good news is, that Jesus is in you.  He’s already overcome the devil and all his dominion, and He now lives in you to empower you to go and do the same.  We win.

Now more than ever, the world needs you and is counting on you to do this.

So I’m telling you as Christ is my witness and the One who will back up these words, throw your net back over to the other side of the boat.  I know that’s where you threw it before and it yielded no results.  But this time, we are gonna do it with a new resolve, a new purpose, a new level of faith…

Because we have a much greater understanding of who we are in Christ now than we ever did before… a much greater ability to stand in His righteousness and authority, not bowing down to anyone or anything else that would draw us off the course He has set us on.

Our eyes are on Christ (so He can keep us in perfect peace), our face set like flint.  Our way is continually committed to Him (so He can make our path straight), and nothing is gonna stop us, unless we allow it, through our own doubt and uncertainty.

If God be for us, who can be against us, really?!  There’s no one greater, and He is always for us.  He goes before us to prepare the way, He has your back… He camps around EVERYONE who trusts in Him.

He’s got you fully covered.

So this time, when you feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit to go and give it all you’ve got, DO IT!  Believing Him for everything He’s promised.  And don’t ever stop believing Him for everything He’s promised, including His ability and willingness to greatly strengthen you in your weakness.

Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, cloaked in His humility and grace.

Stay plugged into Him as your true source of life, freedom, strength and truth, so you will give from His riches in glory, not your own lack.

Not only is the world waiting, but God and all of heaven are waiting, as well.

How can we not respond?  How can we resist Him?  The One who gave us everything?

But listen carefully as the Lord leads.  Become an expert gleaner, holding fast only to what is helpful on your journey, being careful to sift through and let go of anything and everything that would cause harm to you or anyone else.

We are God’s highway of holiness.  We are His holy mountain.  And our lives have prepared and are preparing this holy place where anyone can come and receive the healing and restoration that is theirs in Christ… Our job is to lay our lives down for one another.

In this holy place, no evil thing, no sickness or disease, can come, because it’s been set apart for God and can NEVER be defiled by anything or anyone ever again, because we, the ecclesia, governing body of Christ, will not allow it, even in our own hearts.  Under the mandate of God, we only allow here on earth what is allowed in heaven.

Listen to your body, as well.  God will instruct you that way, as well… telling you what’s needful, what your body needs in order to heal.  Your body individually and your body collectively, as God’s people, the body of Christ.

That’s about it for now.  Most everyday now God stirs up my faith and pours into me another wave of revelation and greater understanding.  I will do my best to share it the best way I can, by His grace leading and guiding my thoughts and my pen.

I am trusting that He is also leading and guiding the heart of everyone who reads this, to receive and discern and apply whatever’s needful for you to run your race with endurance and God’s perfect strength in your weakness.

Never stop believing in His mighty arm that is never too short and is always stretched out to release grace and empowerment to all who trust in Him, enabling you to be all He created you to be, and do all He created you to do.

His arm is never too short, and nothing escapes His notice.

His truth is a two-edged sword.  One side mercy, the other, justice.  Mercy on all who trust in Him, justice on behalf of all who trust in Him.  The only ones who need to worry about the justice side of His sword are His enemies.  If you have surrendered your life unto Him, you are His friend, His ally, the one He will always go to bat for, fight for, defend.

If this letter means anything to you, would you let me know?  It would mean a lot to me to know that at least one person was encouraged by the things I shared here.

But if you weren’t all that impressed, or even if you were and don’t feel like telling me, that’s okay, too… I don’t do this to try to get accolades or make people happy, though I do hope and pray you are somehow encouraged in your walk.

My real reason for writing is the same reason I do anything I feel prompted by God to do.  I must carry on and be as faithful as I can be, in fulfilling the Father heart of God, the best way I can.

Consider the following.

There once was a man who made sand sculptures by the side of the road.  A thankless job, for sure.  But the work he did was magnificent, and greatly anointed by God.

I actually had the honor of meeting this amazing man one day.  I was driving past his sculptures and noticed he was out repairing one of his creations.  After I parked my car and walked over to where he was working, I notice his tools:  a small spoon, butter knife, his hands and a small styrofoam cup half full of water (smile).

He was and still is the most humble, unassuming man I’ve ever met, and besides God, a man I can always look to for inspiration and someone who reminds me why I do what I do.

He certainly wasn’t doing it for the recognition.  I don’t know anyone else who ever even met the man.  I only saw him once in the 17 years I lived in AZ.  I’m quite certain he didn’t come there often, and if you didn’t happen to drive by while he was there, you never would have even seen him.

But his works speak for themselves.  They are easily the most beautiful, expressive works of art I’ve ever seen; one depicting Jesus at Gethsemane, the other of the last supper… all in sand.

And he certainly never did it for the money.  The only “request” for donations I ever saw was an old beat up wooden box on a wooden pole near one of the sculptures, that no one ever put money into that I know of.

And he did this amazing work despite much ridicule from family and friends.

I believe his wife may have been of some support to him, because he mentioned in our short conversation how much he missed her, saying she could no longer accompany him on these work trips to repair and maintain the sculptures because she’d gone blind and needed to stay home.

And the man was feeble.  Looked like he was in his 80s.  Strong, steady hands, but you could tell he was tired.  He was wearing an old pair of navy blue coveralls.  Just steadily, patiently, lovingly, sitting on his wooden stool.  The master craftsman, ever working on his masterpiece (smile).

He was to me, and still is, a reflection of how God’s always lovingly, patiently, steadily working on all of us.  God’s greatest masterpiece of all that He’s created… man and woman being shaped and molded into the image of His awesome Son (wow).

Now there’s food for thought.

So while it would be nice to hear back from you if this letter encouraged you at all, if you don’t, I’ll just be like that man on the side of the road, doing what God puts in front of me to do, trusting the results to Him, praying that He will so magnify and beautify my efforts that the work I do for the Kingdom will somehow be as valuable and magnificent and life changing as those sculptures by the side of the road (smile).

There are a couple really good reasons to actually follow through on each thing God tells you to do:

  1. Whenever you do, your intimacy with the Lord deepens and increases, along with your ability to discern and know His voice; and

  2. Whenever you don’t, your intimacy with the Lord lessens and becomes clouded, much like if you were to wrap a layer of gauze over your eyes and ears, and you can’t as easily discern His voice. His voice is not as clear and you’re not as sharp.  It becomes harder to discern truth from a lie, and you can more easily be tripped up and/or deceived.  You do this enough times and pretty soon you’re really bound up, deaf and blind to the things of God, unable to know with certainty what He’s asking of you.

Which is why obedience is better than sacrifice, and why God’s soul takes no delight in us when we shrink back in fear (Heb 10:38).  Anything outside of faith is sin, because it gets us off track and out of touch with God so He can’t use us as effectively.

So let’s not go there, eh?!

I don’t know what you’re called to in this season of your life, but you owe it to God and you owe it to yourself to be all you can be in Christ, and to do all you can do by His strength, for His glory and for the healing and restoration of His creation, His people.


Be obedient, even if no one’s watching, or no one responds.  That’s the mark of a true servant of God.  One who is happy with knowing God’s acceptance and affirmation, even if no one else cares.

Simple.  Yet we make it so complicated.  Doesn’t need to be.

Pray for me if you can, and I will certainly pray for you, believing for all the breakthroughs that you need, for immediate divine intervention whenever and wherever you need it, along with complete healing and restoration and deliverance and empowerment in every area of your life, so you can be all He created you to be and do all He created you to do.

In the matchless name of Yeshua the Christ, the One who came in the flesh and now lives in the heart and life of EVERYONE who trusts in Him.



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