Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


I continue to be very inspired by this man… and I really bear witness to these last few minutes of his very last recorded speech, especially the very last sentence that is audible: “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,” in a speech that was given the night before he died.

And I have to say that my eyes have also seen the glory of the coming of the lord, and it’s something I am just beginning to wrap my head around, so I don’t want to take a lot of time trying to get into it right now without developing it some more in prayer…

But it’s not like a lot of folks may think…

I believe the coming of the glory of the Lord Jesus, will be seen in the eyes and hearts and faces of everyone who, like MLK Jr., have been in the presence of the Lord and share God’s heart for the world…

And the Jesus inside of them will be released in unprecedented ways as they are finally able to rise up and be all He created them to be, doing what they are created to do, being Christlike in all things.

And in so doing, we will see the evil overcome by the goodness of God…

The “glory of the Lord” coming through the surrendered lives of people who will stop at nothing until they see the completion of God’s saving work through His people, who have finally been awakened to the knowledge that they have been fully equipped as kings and priests to rule and reign here on earth as our Father Creator is ruling and reigning in heaven (we are ONLY to allow here on earth what’s already allowed in heaven),

And God’s Kingdom invades earth (through the lives of His people), to destroy all the works of the evil one as heaven is firmly established here on earth…  Your kingdom come, Lord, Your will be done… ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!  (Matt 6:10)



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