All Creation Speaks (3-9-18)

big daddy lying in the yard

All creation speaks of the glory of God, all the time, and I’ve never been more aware of this as when I’m on my prayer walks with my dog Holly…

It’s a beautiful, SUNNY day here today…. after weeks and weeks of cold, rainy, grey days with LOTS of gale-force winds, it’s SOOOO NICE to see the sun again (smile) – even the wildlife are rejoicing!  I always see them out and about much more when the sun’s shining, and they look like they’re really happy about it, too!

Today, I am impressed (once again) by the meekness of the deer (especially the male deer) that come into my yard for apples… some would say it’s wrong to give them apples, but God hasn’t convicted me of it yet, and it just seems wrong NOT to… I feel it’s an honor and privilege whenever I encounter one of God’s creatures, especially those that aren’t domesticated…

And call me crazy, but I actually talk to them, tell them how beautiful they are, that I love them and I’m praying for them, etc.

There are certain deer that have been coming to our yard time and time again, that I have gotten to know somewhat over the years… they each have different mannerisms and markings that make them unique…

Including a handful of males that come… they are even calmer around me than the females, as if they have absolutely NO fear of me whatsoever, even though I’ve never treated them any differently than the others, and I’ve never done anything to try to make them “pets” – i.e. I don’t make them eat out of my hand or make them follow me in order to get fed… I just put the sliced apples out in the yard, in an area designated for this purpose.

My male deer that come, come closer and look at me longer than the females, as if they trust me more completely…

One of them was standing about 3 feet from my door, today, watching me as I opened the door for my walk with Holly…

It seems, though, when they look at you, they see into your soul somehow, similar to how your dog looks at you… those of you with dogs don’t think I’m crazy, those who don’t have dogs probably think I am… but that’s okay… this is for all of you who can appreciate what I’m saying (smile)

Right now, none of the male deer have antlers.  For those of you who don’t know, their racks fall off every year, then grow back, bigger and with more points, every year (one of those weird, but cool things God does…)

And so, I have to look extra closely to recognize the male deer when they don’t have their antlers…

It’s rather easy to tell them apart when their racks are there, because each one is distinct, has a certain amount of points, etc.  It seems they walk with a certain kind of swagger, then, too… you know the kind, sort of like a male athlete does – They strut when they have their antlers, but not so much when they don’t… I swear I’m not making this stuff up 🙂

(Keep in mind as you read this, that today is a day when God is speaking to me a LOT about my identity in Him, making me strong enough to reject anyone’s opinion of me that doesn’t line up with HIS…)

Anyway, now, when they approach me without their racks, I sense a certain vulnerability that wasn’t there before, almost as if they are saying “Will you still recognize me even without my antlers?  You know, the thing that makes me look real strong and brave, the thing that makes me the most majestic in your eyes?” (this one really hit me…)

“Will you even notice me or know me as I am, without my antlers to help you identify me, to tell you it’s really me?  Without the thing that would otherwise define who I am in your eyes?”

I’m learning a lot from my deer, as I am also learning from the rest of creation as it speaks to me so eloquently of God’s glory (smile).

I consider it an honor and privilege to serve these magnificent, meek and bold creatures, even if it’s such a small way… I think they know somehow that I care for them, that I’m praying to their Creator and mine, for their well being and safety.

To me, these male deer demonstrate true meekness… true humility and a boldness in approaching me, being near me, that the female deer don’t have, as much.

And that got me thinking that their meekness may be directly related to the fact that they lose those magnificent racks EVERY YEAR – the thing that identifies them as the dominant, macho males… the ones whose seed is carried in the mothers of their young,

That maybe the shedding of their antlers every year keeps them humble in a way… that maybe they would otherwise get a little too macho, a little too feisty for their own good or the good of the other deer in the area…

So God made it so once a year, they lose the thing most associated with their macho image, so He can also teach them real humility (maybe)…

I know they’re not human and don’t think like we do, but all creation “speaks” of the glory of God… and displays certain aspects of God’s characteristics… like how the crashing waves speak to me of the many “moods” or emotions of God, the eagles speak to me of His amazing magnificence and ability to rise above any difficulty and see for miles and miles…

And the meekness of the deer, more specifically His MALE deer, shorn of their antlers, speak to me, demonstrating two sides of the same sword of truth, which I call “true humility” – knowing on the one hand we are nothing without God, but on the other hand (the other side of the double-edged sword), we can do all things through Christ:

  1. Meekness/humility. If you’re truly humbled and yielded to the absolute preeminence, sovereignty and providence of Almighty God, you realize you’re nothing without Him,


  1. Boldness/courage. Through Him (and ONLY Him), you can do all things. ONLY through a life totally surrendered, dedicated to the One who lives in and through you, His creation, can you receive of His bounty (in the deer’s case, the hand of God’s provision through me and others, as well as His natural provision in the grass and shrubs in the area); and He provides everything we have need of, until the moment He takes us all home…

So I was met by one of my male deer as I left the house for my prayer walk, and when I was returning, just as I left the grass trail that emptied onto the road near my home, all four of the deer that come to my home most often (three females and a young buck, not even a year old that’s still with his mama), were quietly standing on a little hill at the trailhead, beautifully silhouetted by the sun, watching me as I finished up my walk, as if they were just quietly acknowledging me, letting me know they noticed me and they’re thankful.

These four deer include an older female with a torn ear that’s been coming to my home most every day for over five years (ever since I moved here).  One other looks like she may have a problem with one or both eyes, and the third female had a little “stud muffin” late last year (he’s the cutest little thing and feisty as all get out), so he still hangs with mama and will until he’s old enough to go out on his own…

So it seems the ones that have found me may not be in the best shape, but God loves them and so do I… and every time I see them and pray for their healing, they look at me like they understand.  Hey, if God can prophesy through a donkey…

Just some food for thought – I hope it makes your day a little brighter.

And oh, btw, here’s what he looks like with this full rack!  This was a couple years ago, so it’s be quite a lot bigger this fall.  This was a couple years ago, so it’s gonna be quite a lot bigger this fall.

big daddy closeup


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