Raise Us Up, Lord!


February 19, 2017


The Lord’s been speaking to me for years about how important it is for those of us who trust in Jesus to know who we are In Him, so a lot of what I pray, write, sing about or share, is about building people up in Christ.

But on top of that, something that I believe is almost as important, and certainly critical for the season we’re in, is encouraging folks to be the governing body of Christ on the earth (resisting every evil thing the devil’s trying to do to destroy us and the planet we live on J, and building stronger communities… things I’ve been developing as the Lord leads in a book I’m writing called “Call to Arms.”

I’ve also prayerfully written several letters to President Trump that I have shared with several people, as “focal points” for prayer, as they address some issues that I believe are critical, and involve not just our nation, but other nations, as well.  I have yet to receive any indication that he has indeed read them, much less a response to what I consider to be grievous concerns that affect all of us… I plan on overnighting them to him, as well, in a “personal and confidential” overnight envelope to a mailing address I hope to confirm from his office.  I’m pretty sure the address I already have is legitimate, as none of my missives have been returned by the post office, but I thought I’d at least call to confirm that I have the right one.  I will post updates if I hear anything.

Beyond that, I HAVE to put my trust in God, that even if our new President is unable or unwilling (for any reason) to deal with the issues concerning us, that God Himself will intervene and raise up Godly men and women in every level of government, and give all who are trusting in Jesus, a voice that is LOUDER than all the others, and that He would silence the voice of EVERYONE who opposes Him.

Doesn’t mean I’m giving up, however (smile) – in fact, just the opposite.  I’m aware now more than ever of the importance of all who believe in Christ to stand up and act like the overcomers that He created us to be, and we have to realize that whenever we need someone to do their job and they’re not going it (even if that someone is our government), we have to do it for them (smile).

It is our privilege to do so, but this is so foreign for most of us to wrap out head around, because we’ve been so “good” at being dumb sheep, sitting back and expecting our government to take good care of us.  And I wanna say, how has that been working for us?  Not so much!

And this is so contrary to what the Lord is expecting of us – no wonder we’re in such a mess!

I’ve also written several articles under the heading “Life Lessons from God” which may evolve into another book, that will be more of a devotional, things to meditate on that God has revealed to me over the years.

This morning as I was waking and meditating on the Lord and some things He was showing me in a dream I had, I was turned again to praying for our nation and for those of us who are called to make a difference in the world (smile), and the Lord had me write the following.

I was thinking of the importance of buying things locally, whenever possible, so we can build stronger communities, in building up local businesses, farmers and ranchers who grow organic food, and others.

And I was thinking we could make a big difference if we made a concerted effort to avoid buying anything from big corporations, especially anything from other countries (especially China), and any business that is using slave labor to mass produce their goods, and instead, buy things from independent distributors, as much as possible, but especially local producers, whenever we can.

Also, pray and ask God for creative ideas about how to make money.  What can you create to sell online, at street fairs, etc., and then find a way to do it (smile).

Write books and sell them… Doug Addison wrote a very helpful book about writing books, simple ways to get motivated, and includes helpful information about how to publish them.  Amazon has even provided a way to help walk you through the process of self-publishing that looks efficient and affordable.

I also think it’s important to look up organizations that are working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to uncover, apprehend and prosecute people involved in human trafficking, so we can co-labor with them in finding and recovering victims of this heinous crime, and help them begin their healing.

Here are a couple of websites I found that have information about some of these organizations.  I haven’t checked them out, yet, but wanted to include them here with the admonition to please do so prayerfully, because sometimes people with nefarious motives infiltrate even the most well-intentioned.

The organization I know the most about is one that was endorsed by Graham Cooke at a conference I attended in Portland… here is a video from their website which I encourage everyone to watch:


Here is a list of others I have located, but again, I have no personal opinion about any of them yet.  As I learn more, I will post online:

Trafficking Policy and Advocacy: Polaris Project

One of the most influential groups working on the issue in the United States, the Polaris Project takes a comprehensive approach to ending modern-day slavery. The organization advocates for stronger federal and state laws, operates the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline , provides services and support for trafficking victims, and works with survivors to develop long-term strategies to ending human trafficking.

Second-Generation Trafficking: Prajwala

In India, children who grow up in brothels with their parents often meet the same fate. In order to counteract this dangerous legacy, social activist Dr. Sunitha Krishnan co-founded Prajwala (which means “eternal flame”). Based in Hyderbad, India, the organization rescues women from brothels and then provides them with education, mental health care, and job programs. (Check out Dr. Krishnan’s powerful talk at the 2009 TedIndia Conference .)

Statelessness and Child Trafficking: COSA

Most Hill tribes in Thailand are “stateless,” or not governed by the laws of the country—which makes their women and girls particularly vulnerable to trafficking. After recognizing this, photojournalist Mickey Choothesa and social worker Anna Choothesa created the Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia to provide education, intervention, and support in Hill tribe communities. COSA works directly within trafficking communities to provide trafficked girls with healthcare, social services, and housing in the Baan Yuu Suk Shelter —as well as to bring awareness and education to the traffickers themselves.

Trafficking of Men and Young Boys: Urban Light

A number of organizations help girls in the sex industry, but very few work to aid young men. After a service trip during which she observed the industry in Thailand firsthand, Alezandra Russel realized that boys are often excluded from the human trafficking conversation. So she created Urban Light, an organization that works to help young men break free from child prostitution and sexual exploitation. By providing food, shelter, healthcare, and support services, the group helps restore and rebuild the lives of male victims.

International Sporting Events: Student World Assembly’s Red Card Project

When a large sporting event, such as the World Cup, takes place, fears often arise that trafficking will increase to meet demand from the influx of tourists. Student World Assembly’s Red Card Project mobilizes students from around the world to stage powerful and striking condemnations of human trafficking at these events, bringing large-scale and needed public awareness to the practice.

Child Labor: GoodWeave

The handmade rug industry has one of the highest child labor rates in the world. When GoodWeave began its work in 1994, there were nearly one million children—many kidnapped or trafficked—working on the looms in South Asia, often for up to 18 hours a day. Through its efforts, the organization has not only helped bring child labor in the rug industry down 75%, it has built affiliations with retail outlets all over the U.S. to ensure that all carpets sold are free from child labor.

Agape International Missions: This group seeks to stop human trafficking in Cambodia. The California based group started as a church planting group, but since has been committed since 2005 to ending child sexual slavery.

COATNET: This organization, COATNET, which stands for Christian Organizations Against Trafficking in Human Beings, links Christian groups, including the Catholic Church, to internationally fight the problem.

Covenant House: This group focuses on homeless children in the United States, who are a vulnerable group for human trafficking. This group estimates that 1 in 3 homeless kids will be approached by a human trafficker within 48 hours of being on the streets. The ministry provides housing and necessities, it also advocates for laws to protect children and put an end to human trafficking.

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking: FAAST is a joint effort of several Christian organizations against human trafficking. It is an arm of the group World Relief, which also seeks to help refugees of all kinds. The group provides training and research as well as promoting collaboration between member organizations on the issue.

Compassion 2 One:  This Seattle-based organization works to save children from sex trafficking. The group promotes education and awareness of child abduction and trafficking that happens throughout the world. The group also promotes a “Protect-her” movement that encourages men to take a pledge not to participate in activities that support the sex trade including pornography and prostitution.

Joyce Meyer Ministries:  The Hand of Hope ministry supported my Joyce Meyer Ministries works in Thailand, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe, Cambodia and the United States. The ministry focuses on offering housing as a way out of the sex trade for women who have been coerced into trafficking and prostitution as a way out of poverty.

CBN Ministries: CBN Ministries estimates 27 million world-wide victims of human trafficking. The group says the average age of these victims is just 12 years old. CBN works with partner organizations to ease poverty and meet the needs of vulnerable women and children around the world.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center offers a help hotline for anyone who either suspects human trafficking or victims looking for help. The phone number is 1-888-373-7888

Some additional suggestions I found somewhat helpful on a website called “the muse” follows.

I just want to include here the strong admonition that as much as we all want to help, we all need to keep in mind the powers behind this heinous crime are evil and very vindictive and very driven to protect their nefarious crimes at all cost (including attacking whistleblowers and those who are exposing and investigating their evil), so we ALL need to be prayerful and use extreme caution in deciding any course of action.

1. Start a Club or Community Group

It’s hard to remain quiet knowing that human trafficking is going on, so speak up—each voice that spreads the word about the problem is important. Share the story with your friends, colleagues, and fellow concerned citizens, and work together as a group to promote awareness and take action. The students and professors of Mercer University did exactly that when they launched S.T.O.P., an organization that works to end sex trafficking through awareness, action, and dialogue. Recently, S.T.O.P. coordinated the Call to End 21st Century Slavery conference, which hosted over 900 students and citizens from across the country. To get started on your own group, host a meeting to spark interest, then decide on your group’s specific goals. Will you promote awareness, take action, or both? Once you’ve decided, you can plan events and outreach to further spread your message. Find ideas below for what your group can do.

2. Lobby Local Policymakers

In Macon, Georgia, massage parlors often operated without license—and often hosted the commercial sex trade. So S.T.O.P lobbied Macon’s mayor, city council, secretary of state, and state senator to pass SB 364, making it a law for all massage parlors to operate under legitimate licensing. You are a powerful voice in your community and your state. So if you want to see something done about human trafficking in your area, reach out to your local politicians. Schedule a meeting with them to emphasize why trafficking should be on their priority list and suggest ways they can help end this problem in your community—as well as across the nation and around the world.

3. Hold an Event to Raise Awareness

College students Justine D’Souza and Justine Yu realized the need for students to address trafficking in a social environment, so, as officers of the Rutgers University Campus Coalition Against Trafficking , they launched the annual Stop the Traffick Jam concert, which brings bands and speakers together to promote awareness and raise money for an international anti-trafficking organization. The group also hosts an annual coffee house to talk to other students about trafficking. And you can do the same! Host an event—as simple as a potluck or as elaborate as a formal conference—to spread the word about trafficking and help others gain a better understanding of what’s really going on.

4. Launch a Research Project

Understanding trafficking isn’t about barging into brothels or passing judgment. It takes research, cultural understanding, and even personal experience to get a good grasp on the issues. Recent college grads Alexandra Wolf and Mona Sulieman wanted to do just that, so the two are journeying across the U.S. to learn more about the issue and dispel the myth that it’s only an issue of the developing world. (You can follow their experience looking into the domestic challenge and response to trafficking on their blog, Traffic in Our Streets .) But you don’t have to travel far to do something similar. If you have a paper, thesis, or presentation coming up, consider investigating human trafficking in relation to your sector or field of interest. No matter what you do, there’s likely a way that you can contribute your expertise to the dialogue on trafficking.

5. Snag a Job at an Anti-Trafficking Organization

In a professional setting, fighting human trafficking can be intense, frustrating, and emotional, but it’s also extremely rewarding, and if you’re really passionate about the movement, it’s a great way to make a big impact. After working as a crisis counselor and advocate for victims of sexual assault, Laura Phillip wanted to use her experience on an international stage, so she moved to Thailand to become the director of COSA . Now, she manages the daily activities of the young women at Ban Yuu Suuk shelter, a haven for at-risk and formerly trafficked girls, coordinates volunteers, and develops programs in trafficked communities.

If you’re interested in working for an anti-trafficking organization, start by learning as much as you can about the subject. Expand your network on social media, and follow the different organizations that interest you online. Then, volunteer in a variety of roles to gain experience and get a sense for the specific positions you’d like and goals you want to achieve.

6. Pursue a Fellowship

If working in the anti-trafficking field interests you, but you aren’t ready to commit to anything long-term, apply for a short fellowship instead. There are many programs—anywhere from a few months to a year or longer—that will give you firsthand exposure in the fight to end human trafficking. The Not For Sale Campaign and Polaris Project both offer fellowships that allow you to play an integral role in their work.

7. Avoid Products and Companies that Facilitate Human Trafficking

According to research by the Polaris Project , human trafficking often operates alongside legitimate businesses. From chocolate companies to electronics producers, a number of corporations use human trafficking and forced labor as a means to making the most profit on their product. You can find out which companies still use slave labor in the Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor . Do your research to make sure your investments are socially responsible and benefit companies that don’t take advantage of modern day slaves.

Whether you work within an anti-trafficking organization, discuss the issue with friends, or just rethink the purchases you make daily, the biggest aid in the fight against human trafficking is you—and your power as an individual agent of change.  (End of article.)

Every one of us was created in God’s image, and God said when He did so, “it is good.” (smile) And we ALL have God-given intelligence, talents and skillsets, meant to prosper, not harm us.

Yet many of us have been so beat down by the difficulties of life that we no longer believe we have any real value or usefulness to others.

NOT SO!  This is SUCH a lie from the pit of hell!  You are easily, effortlessly, the most valuable of ALL God’s creation and He LOVES you FAR more than you can ever imagine.

And that will never change!  In fact, God’s love for you NEVER stops and never stops increasing, right along with the eternal increase of His government and His peace (Isaiah 9:7).

We’ve been handed down so many lies over the years that it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not.

But let me tell you, that’s why God sent Jesus, who now lives in the heart of everyone who believes in Him.  And He is our comfort, our wise counsel, the One who leads and guides us into all truth.

God’s truth is a two-edged sword that rightly divides the truth from a lie, with one side extending great mercy to ALL who trust in Him, and the other side delivering perfect, heavenly justice on ALL who oppose Him.

Does He judge us, as well, yes, but not in the way that some people think.  He points out what we’re doing wrong in the same way that a loving mother or father does when they’re showing their young child how to walk; i.e., never in a condemning way, but always with encouragement, because He KNOWS we can do it!

Yes, things in the world are bad right now… much worse than many of us thought…

But make no mistake about it, our God in heaven LOVES us.  He is GOOD and He is constantly at work on our behalf.

And He is urging me to ask you right now:

Will you trust Me?  Can you TRUST Me?  Can you trust Me to actually have your best interests at heart and to MOVE on your behalf in destroying the evil that surrounds you?

Do not be deceived into thinking otherwise; I am aware of your circumstances, and I AM still on the throne!

And I AM taking matters into my own hands… the same hands that were pierced for your transgressions and disease.

The same hands that are NOW fighting on your behalf.

So be STRONG in Me, My beloved!  Trust Me in all circumstances that are beyond your understanding and control.  My arm is never too short and NOTHING escapes My notice.  Ever.

Trust Me as I lead and guide you through this difficult transition.  Trust that it IS transitional and will not last forever.  Transitional in that I am using this most difficult time of trial and testing for your growing, as you continue to keep your mind stayed on Me.

I have adopted you into my heavenly kingdom and NO ONE can snatch you out of My hands.

My ways are eternal.

My ways are healing.

My ways do NOT come with baggage or strings attached.

My ways do NOT benefit some while devastating everyone and everything else.

And together we WILL stop the genocide of the human race… the obliteration of planet earth by forces that seem beyond your control.

Know this.  Nothing is beyond my control.  After all, I created this mess, didn’t I? (tongue in cheek), and when I created it, I declared that it was good.

For a long time, the devil has been very busy trying to destroy the good in my creation, and he is leaving quite a massive wake of destruction in his path.

But his days are numbered and he knows it.  His evil is being exposed and this has caused great panic and chaos in the enemy’s camp.

He is very afraid and very confused (as the confusion and destruction he planned for you is being turned back on him), frantically running around trying to patch the walls of deception that have been holding back the truth which is now being released in the earth.

Great, overwhelming tsunamis of righteousness are breaking down the great walls of deception that have covered up the depth and depravity of the evil behind the shadow government, and the demonic forces at work behind them.

The walls of deception that have kept you back from knowing how powerful you are in Me.

The walls of deception that have kept you divided one from another.

The same walls that have kept you uninformed as to the things going on under the surface, have kept you from knowing the many ways the devil’s been working to steadily destroy you over time… this has affected your physical wellbeing, your mental health, your emotional and psychological stability and wellbeing.  He has also been working steadily over time to destroy the very world I created for your enjoyment, wealth and wellbeing.

But know this!  I am raising such a tsunami of righteousness against him, such that this world has never known.

He WILL fall, and he will fall soon.

I have heard the cries of My people.  My heart aches for you.

I have also heard the moaning and groaning of ALL My creation (Rom 8:19) as it awaits the revealing of My mature sons and daughters who are even now awakening and rising up to their full stature in Me.  Kings and priests to rule and reign with me on earth “as it is in heaven.”

Sons and daughters who I am raising up to their full potential that I created in them, with a greater understanding of who they are in Me.

As warriors…  soldiers who’ve been tried by fire, vessels of honor who carry My name, My glory and power with them wherever they go,

Seasoned worshippers who will NOT back down.

Together, we will overcome ALL evil; every obstacle that comes your way.  As long as you keep your mind stayed on Me, I will keep you in perfect peace that passes all understanding. (Is 26:3)

As long as you continue to commit your way to Me, I will make your path straight. (Prov. 3:6)

Remember ALWAYS that you are seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephes. 2:6), and He is seated “far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come.  And God placed all things under His feet and appointed Him to be head over everything for the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way.”. (Ephes 1:21-23)

[I like to sum this up by saying we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above the powers of darkness, doctrines of demons and wisdom of man, with our mind stayed on Him so He can keep us in His perfect peace in spite of the turmoil all around us, so we can see with clarity what’s going on, without being caught up in it, and we can respond according to what He’s showing us.]

God went on to say:

I created you all to be overcomers in My Son Jesus, to overwhelmingly conquer all the schemes of the devil.

So get your head out of the sand and come out of your cave, oh mighty men and women of valor…

I need you to come alive.  Shake off your graveclothes.

Arise and shine!  Be My beacon of hope to those around you. 

Be My messenger of life-changing, all-powerful, unconditional love, healing, restoration and redemption to ALL who are broken and lost.

Pray for everyone who trusts in Me… for every seeker of truth.

Many are seeking, but have not yet found… they are seeking truth, peace, love, hope, justice, healing, grace.

All who know Me, know these things.

And all who seek these things, will find them only in Me.

Because I am all these things and more.

I am in all things and all creation constantly speaks of My glory.

Listen and you will hear.

Keep your eyes open, stay on high alert.  Pay attention and pray ALL the time.  Then when you see something unusual, ask Me what I want to show you and what you should do about it.

And you will see and understand great things as I lead you into all truth.

The truth that will set you and others around you, free from the bondage of lies and deception, from the reign of terror that the devil’s been waging.

Know this – you are overcomers because I say you are.

Your fears and failures do NOT define who you are, so you have to let them go, along with all shame and feelings of condemnation and worthlessness.

And no one but Me gets to say whether you live or die.  Trust Me on this.  I WILL provide everything you have need of on this earth, including divine health, until the moment I take you home to be with Me in paradise, forever!  Where there will be no more suffering and pain.

If you will but TRUST in Me.

Make no mistake about it, I AM still on the throne and I will ALWAYS have your best interests at heart.  I never sleep or slumber and I am always working on your behalf!

Join Me in this good fight.  This war of waging My goodness over evil.  Keep in mind that My goodness DOES overcome evil (Rom 12:21) and it’s My kindness that leads to repentance (Rom 2:4).  Count on it!

And remember – you and I are the majority!

Stand STRONG and see the salvation of your God (2 Chron 20:17).

Remember always that Jesus is the Rock of your salvation (Ps 18:2), your Strong Tower that you can run to and be safe (Ps 18:10 and 61:3).

He is also the Rock formed without hands spoken of in the book of Daniel, that crushes the kingdom of man (which is enmeshed with the powers of darkness), then becomes a great mountain that fills the whole earth.  This is what’s happening now if you only have eyes to see and ears to hear.  [The Lord has shown me more on this that I will share more about later…]

It’s so important to always guard your heart in Me.  Your heart is where you store all the things I’ve shown you in life… every nugget of hope, every pearl of great price.

This is how you overcome the devil’s attempt to keep you off-balance, buffeted by strange winds of doctrine (more lies of the devil), or incorrect interpretations of My word and who I am in your life.

Guarding your heart and the truths I’ve downloaded into you over the years is how you “build your house [or your life] on the Rock,” and NOT on shifting sand.  The Rock is Jesus, and you build your life on Him, the One who is immovable, constant, unchanging, unshakable, eternal, by guarding your heart and the secrets I have revealed to you over the years.

Let no man steal your crown.  Don’t let the enemy trick you into leaving your position of authority in me by causing you to lose your composure, by causing you to give in to worry, fear, anger, discouragement, confusion, or any other “trigger” that would cause you to lose faith in Me.  You must stay strong in knowing who you are in Jesus, and you must not give up your position in Me for anything or anyone.

This is how you stand your ground and defend your boundaries in Me.

This is how you take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and tear down every vain imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, when you get in the habit of turning every troubling situation, disturbing thought or vexing emotion, over to Me, so I can turn it around for your good and the good of others involved.

Trust me to lift you above every obstacle, everything outside your control.  Haven’t I promised to turn everything the enemy meant for harm, around for your good?  And I will, because I LOVE you and I’m faithful, even to complete the good work I’ve begun in your life (smile).

Shifting sand are the lies and deceptions the devil is constantly throwing around in his veiled attempt to destroy you.  Don’t go there.

Simply stand.  But stand TALL in the righteousness and resurrection power of Christ, knowing you ARE redeemed by His shed blood.

It’s not your own abilities or your own “self righteousness” that can save you anyway.

You know this.  Most people don’t need anyone to tell them how miserably they’ve failed in life.

That’s why I’m here… to tell you how victorious you are – in Me.

You are victorious, you are successful, you are all winners – in Me.

You are the head and NOT the tail.  And you rule and reign over My creation as joint-heirs with Jesus.

That’s the truth.

Now walk in it.

While very few people need to hear what failures they’ve been, EVERYONE needs to know Jesus in real time… Jesus personified, through everyone who believes in Him.

Keep in mind that no one can stand in His presence, including the most diabolically controlled person, and the demons themselves, all know who He is, and they wouldn’t think of trying to mess with Him because they already know they’d lose.

And the same power that raised Christ from the dead and causes demons to tremble is available to anyone who is totally surrendered to Christ and so trusting in His presence in their lives that they reflect His glory and power in every circumstance, right?  This is how it was when Peter’s shadow fell on folks and they were healed.  [The word shadow hear reminds me of the saying “shadow of things to come” also, because this anointing that breaks every yoke is on everyone who believes in Christ].

I AM your loving, sovereign, faithful Father in heaven.  And you can trust Me because I am also your Almighty God, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Ancient of Days, Alpha and Omega, the high court above every other court, the God outside of time who never breaks covenant, who is your ever present help in time of need.  The only One true living God.

And I will NEVER stop loving you, no matter what you do or where you go, because I love who you are, no matter what – although I do get pretty excited about the lives that are changed when you act on the things I tell you to do.

Remember, faith without works is dead.  So let Me move you out of your complacency today.  Give Me ears that hear and a heart ready to go and do My bidding; always standing in the gap as My governing body, binding and loosing, allowing or not allowing things on earth, according to whether or not they are allowed in heaven.  You be the judge in this, I trust you (smile).


END of God’s message.

I’ve been writing this for the past couple hours.  And just as I typed the word “Selah,” I was struck with such a strong presence of God’s perfect peace, both inside the house and outside, as well… and when I looked outside, all was calm and the sun was breaking through.

This may not have been so dramatic except that there’s been a constant, raging wind and rain storm here for the past 2 days!  I LOVE You LORD!  ALL creations is still speaking of Your glory, all the time (smile).

Much love to everyone from the tundra in Ocean Shores,


Mary and Pat

PS  I will prayerfully be writing more about what the Lord’s been showing me about how He is pouring out an infusion of truth and love all over the earth right now.  Truth is exposing and overturning layers and layers of deception in the earth and God’s LOVE is making the truth “palatable” so we can process it, and take great comfort in knowing that our loving Father in heaven is right by our side in this great transition.  His goodness is overcoming evil in an unprecedented way right now.

Be watching for truth everywhere you go and remember, truth is truth, no matter who’s speaking it… often it comes from unexpected places… so keep in mind Jesus, who IS truth, is manifesting truth everywhere right now as people are searching for it more than ever and are being awakened to it more and more.

He is also justice, peace, love, healing, hope, all things that desperate people everywhere are seeking, and all who seek these things WILL find them, because Jesus is manifesting them and making them available for ALL who seek, whether they know it’s Jesus behind them or not… this is how He draws people to Himself… they can’t have real peace, or real love, or any of the other things mentioned, without Him… so keep praying, believing, and looking for these types of manifestations in the lives of people around you so you can remind them where these infusions are coming from (smile).

He is also, right now, raising up multitudes of believers who are “covering” the earth, much like a massive cloud cover!  People of faith who will not back down, a formidable force ordained by God to push back the forces of evil and establish His government on earth as it is in heaven.

Something to keep in mind, something He just “put together” for me as I was reading a book by Russ Walton about meteorology, is how real clouds that are full of water and reflect the sun form a rainbow.

If we think of the multitude of believers as clouds (the Bible refers to a cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12), and we have Jesus inside us (John 7:38-39 “He who believes in Me, from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water”) and our Father shines His light on us, He sees a rainbow in us, as well (smile)… might sound corny at first, but it’s really profound when you think about it.

Jesus in us is the hope of glory and God’s reminder to never again destroy the earth through a flood.  Gives a new meaning to the scripture that talks of “glory clouds” (because we have Jesus in us we carry His “glory” with us wherever we go) , and the verse that talks of Jesus coming “in a cloud” – just sayin’ (smile).

So be it, God.  Selah.


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