Stand STRONG Believing!


February 1, 2017


Here’s what the Lord put on my heart to share here as I was praying this morning.

There are a few things I feel I’m to share, the first has to do with my prayer life.  I have been deeply devoted to Christ since 1980, in an amazing journey of discovery… learning more and more and more about our Father in heaven, the Holy Spirit and my amazing Lord, Savior, Deliverer, Healer, Protector, Provider (and many other things, He really IS EVERYTHING to me, and He is IN everything, everywhere), Jesus Christ.

The most important thing I have learned is to live a life completely yielded to Him ALL the time.  This is something I’ve been developing over the years… the ability to be mindful of Christ’s presence in my life more and more and more, so that now, I am aware of Him with me and in me, every waking moment.

And throughout the night, since I have developed the habit of committing my sleep and my dreams to Him, I am even more aware of Him at times, more able to receive from Him, on a subconscious level, and semi-consciously, when I am lying down praying before sleep at night, and as I “slowly” wake up in the morning.  My daytime awareness is becoming stronger and stronger also, as I am getting better and better at yielding myself to Him throughout every day.

Anyone can do this, whoever has a love for Christ and a STRONG desire to know Him and make Him known (the real reason why any of us are here, really).

So as I awaken each day, I journal things He’s shown me throughout the night through dreams and prayers of intercession… He often wakens me in the night to pray, which is always a joy… sometimes a challenge when my body would rather sleep… but I am ALWAYS rewarded EVERY time I fight the urge to go back to sleep and rouse myself to spend time with Him… ALWAYS!

And as I am journaling in the morning, He downloads things.  He has also brought a LOT of healing, even delivering me from afflictions of the evil one as I have lingered in His presence… He is so amazing, so loving, so good.

So I encourage everyone to journal as much as you can.  It’s something anyone can do and it is its own reward (smile). 

As He shows me things and I journal them, I find it’s easier to remember them, and I can refer back to my journal if I want to remember something I may have forgotten… this is easier to do if you have a journal either online or on your desktop that you can access every day.  I have one called “The Journal” by DavidRM Software, which was recommended to me by Doug Addison.  I still have my other notebook with me all the time, though, that I handwrite my notes in, because for me, it’s easier to access, and right now, it’s the one I use all the time. The downside of journaling this way, obviously, is it’s harder to organize your thoughts and/or reference them later on.

Then I want to encourage everyone to share what the Lord shows you, with as many people as you can (unless, of course, it’s something He wants you to hold dear to your heart, or it’s something that’s just for you personally, and you’ll know the difference as you continue to seek Him in all things).  There’s nothing more joyous than sharing the good things that God gives me with others.

Also, the very act of journaling brings me a lot of clarity and “grounds” me emotionally, helps me process things and remember them better.  I bet the same could be true for you if you give it a try. 

And at some point every day (often when I’m outside walking and celebrating His goodness in creating the universe), I pray through the Lord’s Prayer (again, something EVERYONE can do).  This daily prayer of mine has been supplemented over the years by the Lord’s leading, to include additional portions of scripture, praying to put on the full armor of God, and certain other declarations according to other portions of scripture having to do with my walk with the Lord… so I am really “praying the Word” in doing this.

This daily prayer is more important than you may initially think… I have been praying this way for the past 36 years, most every day.

The Lord started developing this prayer years ago, about the same time that He spoke through a prophecy given to me about God developing a prayer in me that would free a family member from a false religion that he was wrapped up in, that the prayer would be like a bull dozer, and a whirlwind in destroying that thing… and that after 2 years of intercession, this person would walk away from it.

Well, God did what the man said He would do, and I am so grateful.

I am still praying the prayer, however.  I knew when God led me to pray it, it wasn’t just for that one purpose, as it covers a LOT of territory (smile) and involves everyone in my “sphere of influence” as the Lord allows… sometimes I’m praying for the whole world (as is often the case more recently)…

At times I have questioned God as to whether I’m to keep praying this way, and each time, I feel impressed by Him to continue… in fact, any given day when I put off praying this prayer, I can ALWAYS tell the difference… something happens where I know it’s the enemy messing with me in a way that my loved ones and I are normally protected from when I “pray the prayer.”

He has also shown me that this prayer “seals” my loved ones and me, and the work He’s doing in our lives, i.e. much of my other time with the Lord is spent journaling revelations and prayers of intercession as He leads me, then when I “pray the prayer” I am sealing the things He and I just worked through in prayer as I sit at His feet with my pen ready to record what He shows me.

And I often just say, “Right now, Lord, I put the blood of Jesus over myself, over the words I’m speaking, over my husband, my dog, our home, our cars, Pat’s workplace, our family, loved ones, and everyone and everything in our sphere of influence (which often includes the world), and declare that we are off limits to the evil one, that he won’t even be able to hear our words, much less take advantage of them or us in any way.”

I do this when I’m sharing things with someone that I sense might be “sensitive” material (something the devil won’t like) or I sense a vulnerability in some way that the devil may otherwise try to take advantage of, giving us and whatever we’re discussing over to the Lord so He can watch over us all and protect us from any retaliation, and counter any counter attack of the evil one.

So the daily prayer seals us and the people we are standing with, and protects all of us AND the work God is doing in our lives.  He is often releasing “upgrades” and “promotions” in the prayers we speak… bringing deliverance and breakthrough, financial blessings, healing, etc., so any “new ground” we take in Jesus, will not be stolen or delayed or distorted by the enemy.

Anyone can do this, and I encourage everyone to do so. 

Yield yourself to Christ ALL the time, journal what He shows you and pray the Lord’s Prayer every day.  I believe you will be astounded as I have been, at the many wonderful ways God blesses you. 

Of course, I encourage you to add other portions of scripture to your daily prayer, as well, as the Lord leads you, but don’t worry about this, just take it as He gives it, and rejoice in how His goodness will begin to transform your life in ways you never imagined (smile).

The next thing I feel I’m to share is something I was praying about today having to do with our government.  We know that the past 8 years we’ve had a Muslim President who was adhering to Sharia law and the beliefs of radical Islamism, working under the “façade” of “supporting” the beliefs of a Christian nation.  This is not welcome news to any of us, but it is, nevertheless, true.  We were duped.

For more information about how Islam has infiltrated our nation, Kevin Shipp (ex-CIA) is an excellent resource… there are many documentaries of his lectures on YouTube, and he wrote a book about this called From the Company of Shadows.  I haven’t read it yet, but from what I’ve seen, the guy really knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to share, something I greatly appreciate… because knowledge really IS power.  Let’s make sure that power is transferred to the right hands, i.e. people like us, who love the Lord and want to see this nation healed and restored.

Long before Obama took office (way before I knew he was gonna bring so much harm to the American people, and other nations, as well), the Lord gave me a vision where Jesus came to me as our Commander in Chief and said “There’s gonna be a hostile takeover from the inside.”

I knew this was gonna be bad (I had no idea HOW bad), but because it was God telling me this, I knew I could trust Him with it, no matter how bad it was.  I also knew I was to lay down my public ministry, at least for a season, and let Him take care of the hostile takeover that He was warning me about.

So I laid down my ministry, for the most part.  I still prayed and worshipped with friends once in awhile and God still gave me songs of deliverance and intercession in my alone time with Him, and I shared some in small gatherings, but not nearly as much as I had been doing.

I wasn’t worried about what was to come, because I KNOW some things about the God I serve!  He is awesome, He is mighty, He is STILL on the throne and ALWAYS will be!  He will ALWAYS have my best interests at heart and HE ALWAYS has the final say… the enemy may think he’s all powerful when he pulls  something over on us, but the FINAL victory ALWAYS belongs to the King of Kings, the Lord of Hosts, my Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the One who came in the flesh, the one I love and serve ALL the days of my life.

And Believers are finally waking up and taking a stand for God’s righteousness and justice.

And things are turning.

And we now get the chance to take our nation back and commit it once and for all, to HIM.

What I was praying this morning is that God would remove every threat in our government, our military, our law enforcement, our legal system, media, educational system, internet, hollywood, finance, banking, business, arts and entertainment, our homes, our neighborhoods, by ANYONE serving Allah (the god of Islam), or any other pagan god, and NO one would EVER be allowed to darken our shores again with a nefarious agenda to destroy us while pretending to be our friend.  EVER.

We are calling in Godly, God-fearing men and women into EVERY position of leadership in this country and we will settle for NOTHING less.  No more counterfeits, no more substitutes, NO MORE wolves in sheep’s clothing

No more pretenders; people pretending to adhere to our belief system with hidden NWO agendas  and/or promoting radical Islam, taking over our government and law enforcement and destroying us in the process.  No more, in the mighty name of Jesus.  Remember, Muslims believe America is “the Infidel” and their “god” given purpose is to stop at nothing until we are destroyed.

We call forth men and women of God with legitimate authority in Christ.  Who walk in true humility knowing that it’s only through Jesus that we can do all things, ‘cause without Him we can do NOTHING.

Godly, God-fearing men and women in leadership positions in EVERY area of our society.

And God, give us much discernment so we really can become “wise as serpents” as well as harmless as doves, and be able to spot a lie a mile away.  We can’t be deceived by someone if we don’t believe their lies.

Then I was praying about social media, specifically facebook because many of us use it, and share concerns about how it’s been infiltrated by certain people in our government who have been spying on us, “surveiling” our usage, collecting our personal data, etc.

And I was praying against any and all threats, foreign and domestic, to our lives, our freedom, our national security, our right to privacy, etc.  There’s much more I could say about that, as well, but I want to stay on track… I will say only that this rabbit trail goes way deeper than many of us thought.  None of us asked for it and nobody wants it or likes it.

So let’s ALL stand AGAINST it and let your voice be heard – loud and clear, to anyone who will listen, including all your senators and congressmen/women, and our President, until our rights as US citizens, our freedom, safety and privacy are fully restored, in Jesus’ name.

In the meantime, I want to share one other thing regarding facebook and social media and the concern about surveillance or stalking by our government.

I encourage you to keep using the internet as a tool, as long as it’s available to you, but make it work FOR you, not against you.  In other words, put on there anything and everything you want or don’t mind the whole world seeing (including anyone who might be spying on you).  If you are walking uprightly before God, your Father in heaven, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in you and by your side, as your witness, advocate and strong tower, then you have nothing to hide and anyone who might have a problem with you has to answer to Him.

I’ve heard other “truth seekers” who don’t even publicly claim to be Christians, talk about how the evil they are exposing won’t touch them as long as they don’t give in to fear… how much more is this true for those of us who belong to the Kingdom of God and have all of heaven on our side?!

My life’s been threatened before, in real time (smile), both indirectly by folks in “the church” with wrong motives and demonic influences, and directly, yet covertly, by folks involved in Satanism, and indirectly because of people close to me who were involved in secret societies who were afflicted by the demonic realm, and a prior marriage to a Christian man who was addicted to sexual perversions that I won’t go into here.

Those were some of the most alarming, difficult experiences I’ve ever had, but I’ve had others, as well, and each experience taught me many invaluable lessons from God that I would never have learned otherwise.  Same is true for you.

I’ve also had to fight my way through a TON of guilt and condemnation over the fact that I allowed a man to take the life of my unborn baby… this made every other bad experience I’ve ever had, pale in comparison to the grief and condemnation that gripped me for years and years and years.

God has brought me through a LOT, my friend, and I will be eternally grateful!

And He protected me and delivered me from ALL of it!  You see the common thread?  There are demonic forces in the world who want nothing more than to destroy us.  It’s true.

But the over-riding thing to hold onto here is how very great our God is!  He is always gonna be so much greater and so much more powerful than ALL the hordes of hell combined, and He will ALWAYS be FOR you, and His love for you is immeasurable, unconditional, eternal, and covers ALL your sin, casts out ALL your fear.

Many of you have had experiences similar to mine, so you KNOW how much power and authority we have IN CHRIST, in overcoming the schemes of the evil one.

Stand STRONG in Christ, BELIEVING.  Cast ALL your cares on Him, knowing He cares for you, He has your back, He goes before you, He encamps around those who fear Him and Him alone…

He’s your Strong Tower (the place where you are ALWAYS safe), your Psalm 91…

And anyone who tries to come against you for any reason has to go through HIM.

So in HIM, you are absolutely, unequivocally, safe, strong, protected, provided for, until the moment He takes you home.

We do NOT allow ourselves to be removed from this planet, or our bodies to decay, until God says so, and we stand together against ANY and ALL adversaries who would say otherwise.

In the matchless, beautiful, mighty name of Yeshua, the Christ, in whom we now stand.



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