President Trump: You PROMISED!


January 30, 2017


Dear President Trump,


You promised we would be heard, yet you are not hearing us!

Our concerns are valid and they affect EVERYONE in this nation and the world, including you, Mr. President, yet we are NOT being heard.

You said you would respond to any and all of our concerns if we bring them to you.  We have been bringing them to you because we want to believe you are a man of integrity, a man of your word… someone who does what’s right even when no one is looking.

Are you?

You have told us you know how to get things done and that you push until you get what you want.  What if what you want is something that we do NOT want, and what if we’re right and you’re wrong?

I was VERY concerned to learn that you have reopened negotiations re: DAPL and Keystone, in spite of never ONCE having even said “I hear your concerns and I’m looking into them.”  Instead, it seems you are bent on ramming this down our throats, in spite of the fact that in this, I believe we are right and you are SO wrong.

I hope I’m wrong about your intentions, but it’s not looking like I am.

Are you really going to keep pushing anyway, and steamroll things against our wishes like all our previous presidents have done, or can we actually TRUST you to do what’s right by the American people you swore to serve and protect?  You know, when you took office and said we the people are now taking our nation back?

You promised in your inauguration speech to give this nation back to us… was that just rhetoric or do you actually mean it, like we hope you do?

This isn’t like all the protests being funded by Soros and others who are using those protestors to stir up trouble and cause a smoke screen to divert us from the real issues that are facing us as a nation…

Nor am I talking about climate change or global warming, because I believe those are lies.

What I AM talking about are genuine concerns by countless people in this country whose lives have been deeply impacted (negatively) by over-zealous oil industries (and coal mine operations), who are desperately trying to get the attention of SOMEONE who will stop the madness and protect our land, our water, our very lives and our planet.


You know as well as I do, Mr. President, that we the people have been lied to so many times over many, many years, and our past government has NOT been working on our behalf to build a better country… in fact, quite the opposite is true.

So if you refuse to listen to the legitimate concerns of the American people, you will be just like every other lying President who has been pushing their own agenda of destroying our morale, our physical health, our land, our water, our air, our food source, our vocation and ability to make money, just to save your own NWO agenda.  Is that really who you are?  Is that really what you want the American people to believe you are?

I pray that’s not the case.

But honestly, what recourse do we have when you DON’T listen?

If this were a real corporation, there would be someone in office who was hired to hear grievances and act on them.

Who is that person in YOUR office?  Who do we go to when you won’t hear us (besides God, of course… we are talking to Him all the time and we are so thankful that He really DOES hear us and always has our best interests at heart… the problem with that is, He doesn’t “have skin on” – yes, He works through people, so we NEED someone on the ground.  A real, live person who will not only LISTEN, but take us seriously and make sure our concerns are acted on appropriately. 

Know anybody like that?

We NEED to be heard (as you have promised, numerous times!)

NOT ignored.

NOT dismissed.

We the people have legitimate needs and we are appealing to your sense of decency and compassion for the people of this country.

Please do NOT continue to ignore us.

And PLEASE do NOT push the Keystone or the DAPL or any other agenda down our throats in spite of the fact that we the people are doing our part to reach out to you as you have instructed, yet you continue to ignore us.

As I said, this is not about global warming or climate change.  I believe we’ve been fed lies about those things to serve the shadow government’s agenda to “depopulize” the world, as Bill Gates and others have said (google Bill Gates on this, especially his TED speech where he talks of depopulizing 10-15% of the world population by the year 2030).

I have seen other references (including a monument etched in stone) indicating a NWO plan to reduce the world publication from over 7 billion to 500 million.  That’s nothing short of genocide and we know it… we’re not as stupid as the shadow government would like to think and we have all of heaven in agreement with us.  We also know about the false flags and drone attacks leveled on innocent countries in third world countries by our recent present.  Pure evil.  And it HAS to stop!

These are serious threats that are being leveled against the good people of this country and other nations, as well.  I believe you already know the damage that GMOs and “new” vaccines and pesticides and chemicals have done to our health, our land, water, our atmosphere, crops, livestock, most of the food sold on our grocery shelves and ALL the food sold in non-organic restaurants, especially all the fast food restaurants.  Not to mention the damage done by chem trails, and harmful levels of radiation from things such as cell towers and “smart” meters in our homes and neighborhoods.

But if you don’t know, google Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), and teaching videos by Sally Fallon (it’s founder and CEO), and look up a documentary called “The Beautiful Truth,” and others who are brave enough to stand up and tell the truth.

Bottom line – we NEED to protect our land and water and air – at ALL cost.  If we don’t, who will?  We NEED to find a way to protect our trees, our plants and wildlife.  God put us here as guardians and we are to be good stewards of our ecosystem.  Instead, we have brutalized it, to our own demise.  If you live in an area that has an extensive lumber industry like we do, you know what I’m talking about.  I’m seeing whole treed areas disappear, and it’s devastating to everyone and everything that depends on them for survival.  Once we destroy planet Earth, we’re done.  There is no Plan B.

We the people need protection… from other people and organizations (like Bill Gates, Monsanto and others) who are destroying us through GMOs, pesticides, hormones and steroids and harmful vaccines that are destroying our crops, cattle and dairy cows.  Chemicals and poisons, not only in the growing of our food, but preservatives and other chemicals used in the processing of our food as it’s prepared to sell in our stores… not to mention all the harmful chemicals in the majority of the water currently supplied to the majority of our homes.

People also need to understand how most of the inherent nutrients found naturally in organic food and raw milk are stripped in the way our food is processed and through the pasteurization of our milk, so by the time we buy it on the shelves, it barely resembles what it was originally, and contains additional, cancer-causing ingredients that were never there in its original state.

This is a travesty and NEEDS to stop.

Our land and water need to heal, and the good people who were forced off their farms and ranches by our government and big business need to be able to return to their way of life.  Their way of caring for the land and growing crops and livestock the way God intended.

We do NOT need Bill Gates or anyone else selling us their propaganda of how “important” it is to contaminate our land and food with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, or be forced to plant seeds that have been so genetically “modified” that they are not only no longer healthy, but now contain ingredients that cause cancer.  This is happening in other countries, as well… look up how Bill Gates’s push on vaccines has harmed the people of Kenya and how the people in India have been destroyed by Monsanto and the oil industry.

Mr. President, we NEED to protect our land and water from the ravages of the oil industry.  This is a KNOWN fact, and you seem to be IGNORING it, much to our distress.

We the people KNOW how harmful oil spills are to our land and water.

We also KNOW that the oil companies don’t care and will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda, including covering up the damage they are causing, not to mention the lives that are lost in work-related accidents, and the people and animals whose lives are being destroyed by the after-affects of being subjected to harmful chemicals that are released in the extracting and transporting of the oil.

I believe most of these work-related accidents are preventable, but the oil companies push production so much, they are constantly overlooking safety protocol and driving their employees to days and days of non-stop work hours, as many as 100 hours a week, for years, or until the oil dries up (which is the case in North Dakota right now, so the DAPL isn’t even needed)…

The oil in North Dakota will likely be gone by the time the pipeline is finished, especially if you have the pipe made here in the US like you stated in the memorandum you wrote recently on the issue.  Where do you plan to make them?  Do we already have the factories to do this, or will we need to build them, as well?  And how long will that take, for a project that will only provide temporary jobs, to produce oil that will not even be used by US citizens, and will likely push the project out even further, before the pipeline can be completed, only to find out there’s no more oil?

Do you honestly think there will be any oil left in North Dakota by the time this is done (remember, it’s already drying up)?  I suppose you could always stop pumping until after the factories and pipeline are built, which would only result in more lost revenue for the oil companies (which is all right by me, but probably NOT by them J

And what will you do with the factories once the pipeline is built and you don’t need them anymore?

In addition, you MUST be aware of the many men who have procured lung cancer and other life threatening diseases from years of breathing the coal dust in our coal mines?

Do you care about these people or are you like every other politician and billionaire in this country who care only about driving your own agenda at the expense of everyone else?

There are better ways to provide energy to the American people… besides, the DAPL and Keystone pipelines don’t EVEN provide oil for the American people… these pipelines are being proposed so we can sell our oil to OTHER countries.

We believe alternative methods already exist and are available, but our government has tried to convince us there is no other way.

We believe there is a more efficient way to harness wind and solar energy.

We also have reason to believe that the people who run our space program have discovered a way to provide pollution-free electrical energy for use in air craft designed by such companies as Lockheed Martin and others, but the general public was never allowed to hear about it.  May I ask why?  What possible reason could our government have for withholding important information like this from us?

I know of at least one person who knows how to build a machine to convert our garbage into fuel.  This is a win-win for everyone, because it will take care of our growing garbage problem, as well.  This man is a civil engineer working for the Department of Defense.  If I give you his name and contact information, will you promise to at least talk to him?

I REFUSE to believe that huge pipelines that cross the heartland of America, across many states (and Native American territory given to them by treaty) is necessary… and I don’t see a benefit that could outweigh the growing concerns we have for our land and water.  It’s a proven fact that pipelines break… it’s not a matter of if, but when.  And the pipelines you want to build are very large in circumference and cover thousands of miles, so when these break, the resulting damage will be unprecedented!

We can sell other things in foreign trade to make money for this country.

Let’s look at some other alternatives to solve our energy needs… ways that are smarter, cleaner and more efficient, and won’t destroy our planet in the process (smile)

There has to be ways to access oil in other places.  North Dakota is not the only place to drill for oil.  So why don’t we extract it in locations that are close to the refineries or plants that process the oil for our use?

I recently saw an interview with Admiral Byrd where he spoke of his explorations to Antarctica in the early 50s, when he discovered vast amounts of coal and oil and possibly some uranium.  This place has apparently been placed off limits by some sort of UN “treaty” signed by the US and 50 other countries.

This discovery has been covered up and most people know nothing about it.  I just have to ask… why?

I have other questions about the UN logo also.  It looks an awful lot like a flat world map, which brings up a whole list of other questions about the shadow government and different ways our federal government has lied to us over the years.

Anyway, I digress.

We NEED to protect our land and water, and

We NEED to find a BETTER way to serve the energy needs of the American people that won’t destroy us in the process.

God’s ways don’t come with baggage, nor do they benefit only a handful of people while destroying others, our land and our water.

So why don’t we commit this problem to God and see what He has to say about it?  Then do as He tells us?  If you’re truly a Godly man like we hope you are, you shouldn’t have a problem with that at all, right?

This protest is NOT funded by Soros.

This is a legitimate, desperate complaint by “we the people,” the very ones you PROMISED to serve and protect, the forgotten ones you PROMISED would be forgotten NO MORE, the ones you PROMISED would be given their nation back,

Standing for their Constitutional rights as US citizens to protect their land and water!

How can you continue to ignore us?  Your refusal to even listen to the cries of thousands and thousands of people in this country makes you look like nothing more than a callous, uncaring dictator, much like Hitler was to the German people long ago.

Is that how you WANT to be known?  Because right now your actions in this regard are speaking WAY louder than your words, and the message you are conveying is NOT good!

We know you have money invested in the oil industry, so you have a vested interest in seeing these oil companies succeed, seemingly at the expense of the American people, our water, our land, our planet.

But PLEASE re-evaluate this thing before it’s too late!

It does appear you may be headed in the right direction re: our national security and repealing Obamacare (at least I hope so).

But do NOT turn a blind eye to what’s going on in North Dakota, just because they are “the little people,” the least populated state in the country.

God is NOT happy with what we are being threatened with, and He will NOT be mocked.

That’s about all I can say for now, but know this.  We will not stop, because DAPL and Keystone are NOT in our best interests.  We know this and will not stand down.  There is too much at stake.

If you are truly a man of your word like we all hope you are, and if you are really willing to fight for the good of “we the people,”

Then you have no choice, but to be the one who “stands down” on this very important issue, instead of “pushing until you get what you want” as you have stated you like to do.

We are convinced that pushing until you get what you want is something you are good at, but this only works for us when you want the same thing we want.

If we don’t want what you want, you have a choice to make.

  1. Continue to be a bully and push your own agenda, contrary to our wishes, thereby steamrolling us and pushing this thing down our throats (to the demise of ALL America, yourself included, affecting the whole world in a very negative way, possibly beyond repair), OR
  1. Humble yourself and pray. Ask God what you’re missing (because like it or not, there are at least 2 sides to every conflict).  Ask Him what you’re NOT seeing, and what His solution is.  Because I guarantee His solution will NOT be one that benefits only a handful of people while destroying everyone else.

The first option above is what we’re used to, under past tyrannical administrations.  But if we truly wanted a continuation of this kind of abuse on the part of our governmental leaders, we would have voted your opponent into office, not you.

Do what’s right here, Mr. President.  You HAVE to address this or you will lose the confidence of countless Americans, and quite frankly, the alternative, if you continue to push this through at our expense, and fail, there will be disastrous consequences for everyone.

Let’s start here, with resolving our energy needs God’s way…

Then we can begin to address some of the other horrific problems that are threatening our planet.

Like making it illegal for mothers to continue murdering their unborn, and stop the genocide of over 50 million babies and counting (and that’s JUST in the US)

Like stopping the moral degradation of the people, but especially our children and young adults who are being force-fed lies and propaganda in our schools that they must “tolerate” transgenders, homosexuality and other forms of sexual perversion, under the guise of “alternative lifestyles” – which is a total abomination and nothing more than a veiled attempt by the devil to raise our children in a culture that not only accepts these heinous acts of perversion, but grooms them as potential sex slaves or worse.

It is no secret that pedophilia exists and is linked to satanic acts of abuse, torture and murder of small children and infants, and that there is a huge cover-up that involves people who have been compromised in every level of our government, law enforcement and Hollywood.  People who are so given over to the devil that the evil they personify is horrendous.

This is true, and I believe you know this.

I’m telling everyone I know to boycott our public school system, all the mainstream media, TV, the entire mainstream movie and music industry, especially every “artist” who has blatantly displayed satanic symbolism or sexual depravation.  We have more than enough “legitimate” independent and local artists in this country who need our support; we don’t need to support a system that destroys them.

We can no longer tolerate this evil to rule our lives.  Not only is it destroying our morale, our lifestyle, our health, our economy and our ability to make a living, if left unchecked, it will destroy our lives and our planet.

My question to you, Mr. President, is the same question I now pose to everyone else:

What are you willing to do about it?

Many of us feel our hands are tied and there’s only so much we can do.  But I plan to build up as many people as I can and encourage everyone to do their part in joining with family and friends and others in their neighborhoods to build a stronger community.

By supporting our local musicians, actors, artists, local businesses (including local banks or credit unions), our neighborhood mechanic, local farmers and ranchers, local organic grocers, organic restaurants… i.e. make sure all our needs are met locally so we don’t have to rely on corrupt federal agencies who want nothing more than to destroy us.

I’m encouraging everyone I know to boycott every area of our society which means us harm, while continuing to make our voice heard by every mayor, city council member, governor, senator, congressman/woman, and you, Mr. President, until we are finally heard.

So there is no mistake about it.

We ARE taking our nation back.

We stand in solidarity and we stand in the righteousness and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who lives in us as overcomers, standing against all the forces of evil that have been working to destroy us for many, many years.

We stand in the name of Jesus, calling on our Creator, the God who is outside of time and never breaks covenant, who is our ever present help in time of need, because of the shed blood of Jesus, who is our Savior, Healer, Protector, Provider and Lord… Standing for heavenly justice on earth as it is in heaven, meaning we only allow here on earth what is already allowed in heaven.

We stand for mercy on ALL who trust in Him, and for full restoration and redemption of EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from us.

In the mighty name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace who is even now crushing satan under our feet.

And we stand for the healing of our land and water, relying on 2 Chron 7:14, the same scripture Mr. Pence put his hand on in the Bible when he was sworn into office, which says:

If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray,
seek My face and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and HEAL THEIR LAND.

Lord have your way and REDEEM us, we pray.

Respectfully yours,


Mary Burgess
For “We the People”


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